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Suit (cards) - Wikipedia
Fascinating: short description of origins and development of playing card suit symbolism
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In Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Network Shutdowns Leave Civilians Unreachable
A region-wide internet shutdown in Egypt meant to uproot "terrorists and criminal elements and organizations" is leaving citizens disconnected as well, writes Asser Khattab for NGO Social Media Exchange (SMEX): "Dubbed 'Comprehensive Operation: Sinai 2018,' the military campaign is targeting insurgents affiliated with ISIS in the northern and central areas of the Sinai Peninsula, west of the Nile valley, and the Nile Delta.

Online activists and Egyptian citizens are sounding the alarm on Twitter using the hashtag #سيناء_خارج_التغطية ['Sinai is out of the coverage area'] to express concern over the fate of Sinai civilians, which is largely unknown since they are now both physically and virtually inaccessible. Since July 2013, Northern Sinai has been treated as a closed military zone by Egyptian authorities, who have banned access to journalists and human rights observers. Thousands have been forcibly evicted and displaced as the Egyptian military bulldozed homes to create buffer zones on the border with Gaza, and most recently around the Sinai airport.

This major military campaign has effectively placed the Sinai in a media blackout, with telecommunications shutdowns disconnecting Sinai residents from each other and isolating them from the rest of the country and world."
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RT : Is there anyone with any knowledge of doing in who might be able to help me to find out anything…
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Learning Arabic from Egypt’s Revolution | The New Yorker
[5*] For Rifaat, preparing class materials was cathartic. He arrived each morning bursting with enthusiasm for a new lesson about poverty, or rape, or children who have been recruited into criminal rings. He wrote devastating little character sketches that began with sentences like “Fareed is a very lazy worker who does not keep his appointments; he is always late.”
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Untitled (
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Photos from Assassin’s Creed Origins
Nice travelogue from an astonishingly beautiful videogame
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Egyptian public must be able to access all news sites
In the past few days, Egypt has blocked the sites of news outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports while calling on Egypt to reverse the blocks and allow Egyptian citizens access to "a full range of news and information sources in the lead-up to presidential elections scheduled for next month." Egyptian civil society and media have also reported on the blocks, which include the Google news service Amp, CPJ writes: "Al-Taher and the privately-owned news site Mada Masr reported that the sites are unavailable because the government has blocked access to a Google-affiliated publishing tool, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which accelerates content delivery between publishers and mobile users. The websites are still accessible on desktop, al-Taher wrote on social media.

A Google spokesperson told CPJ that the company is aware of the problem, and has 'decided to suspend directing users in Egypt to Google AMP [pages] while [they] look into the issue.' The spokesperson did not directly address CPJ's question about the problem's cause. The Egyptian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NRTA), which oversees internet and telecommunication regulation, did not respond to CPJ's email requesting comment."
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Rare dinosaur discovery in Egypt could signal more finds | Washington Post | February 6, 2018
A skeleton has been unearthed in Egypt’s Western Desert, where ancient sands have long helped preserve remains, but unlike most finds this one isn’t a mummy — it’s a dinosaur. Researchers discovered the new species, which is around the size of a city bus, and it could be just the tip of the sand dune for other desert dinosaur discoveries. Kristi Curry Rogers, associate professor of geology and biology who specializes in large long-necked dinosaurs, was quoted.
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