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A jump in front of the pyramid of Khafre (Chephren)!
Egypt  Cairo  pharaohsOfEgypt  from twitter_favs
yesterday by mgifford
World Cup Russia vs Egypt Spread and Prediction
Hosts Russia made a tremendous start in the World Cup, when they destroyed Saudi Arabia in the premiere. The 2nd round of games starts on Tuesday, when they will entertain Egypt. Egypt fought really hard without Salah against Uruguay but lost due to a late goal. There is still hope for the Egyptians, but they […]

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FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Russia  vs  Egypt  Prediction  Spread 
yesterday by WagerTalk
La politique du feuilleton (1/2) : l’Égypte et sa police
There were six series praising the police on Egyptian TV this Ramadan.
police  egypt  television 
2 days ago by arabist
World Cup Egypt vs Uruguay Spread and Prediction
Egypt have been one of the teams with the biggest amount of hype coming into this World Cup, due to the emergence of Mohamed Salah. However, he was took an injury in the Champions League final and his participation is still up in the air. Egypt will start their duties with the toughest match in […]

The post World Cup Egypt vs Uruguay Spread and Prediction appeared first on WagerTalk News .
FIFA  World  Cup  Predictions  and  Odds  Soccer  Egypt  vs  Uruguay  Prediction  Spread 
7 days ago by WagerTalk
Rosicrucianism - Wikipedia
According to the writings of the Masonic historian E.J. Marconis de Negre,[23] who together with his father Gabriel M. Marconis is held to be the founder of the "Rite of Memphis-Misraim" of Freemasonry, based on earlier conjectures (1784) by a Rosicrucian scholar Baron de Westerode[24] and also promulgated by the 18th century secret society called the "Golden and Rosy Cross", the Rosicrucian Order was created in the year 46 when an Alexandrian Gnostic sage named Ormus and his six followers were converted by one of Jesus' disciples, Mark. Their symbol was said to be a red cross surmounted by a rose, thus the designation of Rosy Cross. From this conversion, Rosicrucianism was supposedly born, by purifying Egyptian mysteries with the new higher teachings of early Christianity.[25]
mystery  conspiracy  religion  egypt 
9 days ago by craniac
Sisi's 'final' term? | Mada Masr
Must-read for Egypt-watchers on constitutional amendments
egypt  constitution 
11 days ago by arabist
'Cairo has started to become ugly': why Egypt is building a new capital city | Cities | The Guardian
Billed as smart city in the desert, boasting greenery and luxury housing, the government is set to relocate to the as-yet-unnamed city in 2019. But will anyone else move in? Billboards promising another way of life have long clustered alongside the clogged highways of central Cairo.
cities  egypt 
13 days ago by jeffhammond

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