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Scoop: Netanyahu and Sisi held secret meeting on Gaza - Axios, Aug 13, 2018
During the meeting, the Egyptian president told Netanyahu that any solution in Gaza must include the return of the Palestinian Authority to the strip in order to gradually retake control from Hamas.

Sisi stressed in the meeting that the full demilitarization of Gaza shouldn’t be a precondition to the initiative.
Sisi's message to Netanyahu was that Israel, the Sunni Arab countries and the international community must put pressure on Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to go back to administrating Gaza, regardless of his reluctance to do it.
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2 days ago by elizrael
RT : A sad anniversary in for Mahmoud Abou Zeid, a photojournalist aka Shawkan and recipient of UNESCO’s press fr…
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The Failure of Egypt’s Revolution - The New York Times, Aug 7, 2018
Kirkpatrick suggests that if the activists had lived with Morsi’s illiberal but weak rule until he could be voted out, democracy might have had a chance. Their mistake, he says, was “they trusted Sisi.” They chose the greater of two evils. But he doesn’t fully explore the risks of sticking with Morsi. Nor does he analyze how a revolution works, how power can be seized and lost so easily. The closest he comes is a remark that political power is like “fairy-tale magic” that only works if you believe in it. That observation is actually well-rooted in political theory: Revolutions happen when enough people stop blindly accepting that it’s futile to resist the current regime.

The activists’ ability to organize street demonstrations, I would argue, was the kind of “magic” that — for limited periods — could make a revolution (or a coup) possible. However, they never really understood its limits. I remember liberals in 2013 brushing off the threat from Sisi: If he tried to seize power, they’d just make another revolution. They didn’t grasp that you get only so many chances at revolution. A week of civil disorder is thrilling; three years are exhausting. Alliances broken are hard to rebuild. If you throw out too many elected governments, even bad ones, you’ll throw out democracy with them.
Egypt  Jan25  Muslim_Brotherhood  military  junta  coup 
5 days ago by elizrael
On first anniversary of blocking, @RSF_inter restores access to its site in Egypt
One year ago today, the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) website was blocked in Egypt. Today, RSF is marking the occasion by "unblocking" its website via the site mirroring technique known as Collateral Freedom. Over the past year, Egypt has increased its website blocking as hundreds of websites have been confirmed blocked, according to data compiled by OTF-supported OONI and the Freedom of Thought and Expression Law Firm (AFTE), an Egyptian civil society group.

RSF: "Access to hundreds of websites are blocked in Egypt, placing journalists in a virtual jail. To draw attention to this censorship, and to circumvent it, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is making its own website accessible again in Egypt today, exactly one year after it was first blocked there...Various sources have told RSF that deep packet inspection (DPI) is one of the main methods that the Egyptian authorities use to block sites. The few entry and exit points giving access to the Internet in Egypt have been placed under the regime’s control. Packets – meaning requests by users and the data they receive – are filtered at these highly strategic digital toll booths...The installation of DPI equipment and other censorship methods requires the cooperation of mobile phone and Internet operators. Even international operators that claim to observe international human rights and free speech standards – such as Vodafone, which has 6,500 employees in Egypt and 40.3% of its market – are forced to comply with the regime’s oppressive practices. If they didn’t, their employees could be jailed and they could lose their license to operate."

The link to access the RSF website in Egypt:
otf  egypt  mena  collateralfreedom  access  censorship  rsf  journalism  media 
6 days ago by dmcdev
Water Wars on the Nile | Foreign Affairs
Good overview of Nile & Red Sea geopolitics by Michael Hanna and Daniel Benaim
nile  egypt  ethiopia  redsea 
7 days ago by arabist
Egypt Coptic Church defrocks monk in the wake of bishop's murder | Middle East Eye
“Loss of time on social media has become a waste of age, life and purity. Because obedience is one of my monastic vows that I should protect and preserve, I will stop posting on Facebook and will suspend my page,” Pope Tawadros said in his final Facebook post.
coptic  monasticism  egypt  egyptianchristianity  orsakerattoroas 
8 days ago by benjekman
Egypt: Hundreds Interrogated in Bishop’s Death Investigation - ZENIT - English
On August 3, 2018, the Committee for the monasteries of the Orthodox Coptic Synod ordered 12 rules – ratified by Patriarch Tawadros II – to which all those who live the monastic condition in the Coptic Orthodox Church should abide by. The measures aim to preserve the monastic life as a condition that is isolated from the world and marked by moments of prayer, work, and silence. This is why monks and nuns were asked to close their personal accounts and any blogs on social media, considered with critical eyes as tools used above all to spread “confusing ideas”. Patriarch Tawadros also ratified the order to suspend the acceptance of new candidates for monastic life for a year, and that of regulating in a more rigorous way visiting times and pilgrims to the monasteries. Among the 12 disciplinary measures, there is also the prohibition for monks and nuns to receive donations from the faithful, they can only be collected by the abbot or abbess of the monastery.
coptic  monasticism  egypt  egyptianchristianity 
9 days ago by benjekman
Sinai Trai
Information about the Sinai hiking trail
travel  hiking  egypt  sinai 
14 days ago by angusm
Egyptian Activists' Action Plan: Translated - The Atlantic
Egyptian Activists' Action Plan: Translated
Alexis C. Madrigal
Jan 27, 2011


Egyptian activists have been circulating a kind of primer to Friday's planned protest. We were sent the plan by two separate sources and have decided to publish excerpts here, with translations into English. Over Twitter, we connected with a translator, who translated the document with exceptional speed.

What follows are side-by-side translations of nine pages from the 26-page pamphlet. They were translated over the last hour and pasted up in Photoshop to give you an idea of what's in the protest plan. While the plan itself contains specifics about what protesters might do, these excerpts show how one might equip oneself for clashes with riot police. Egyptian security forces have repeatedly beaten protesters as the level of violent repression of demonstrations has ratcheted upwards. For more context on the pamphlet itself, the Guardian UK ran a summary of it earlier today.

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As you'll read, the creators of the pamphlet explicitly asked that the pamphlet not be distributed on Twitter or Facebook, only through email or other contacts. We're publishing this piece of ephemera because we think it's a fascinating part of the historical record of what may end up becoming a very historic day for Egypt.
Egypt  riot  police  resist  Arab_Spring 
14 days ago by Quercki
The Military’s Immunity in Egypt - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
A new law regarding the Egyptian military gives the president greater ability to shield select senior officers from prosecution and strengthens his control over the military.
military  legislation  Egypt  junta  authoritarian_regime 
14 days ago by elizrael
Egypt: Security, Human Rights, and Reform - Carnegie, July 25, 2018
Now Sisi appears to be working on removing any opposition. Independent political parties formed since the 2011 revolution have been systematically undermined by security agencies, and there is now pressure on the 20 or so parties represented in parliament to coalesce into just two or three, all supporting Sisi.

There are also efforts to quell any opposition within the regime. Sisi has replaced many senior security officials—the ministers of defense and interior, army chief of staff, and director of intelligence—in recent months. The parliament also passed on July 16 a law that would grant designated senior  2 military officers lifelong immunity from prosecution for crimes committed in the years following the 2013 coup. The law gives the president the right to designate the officers enjoying such immunity, a highly effective tool to use in managing any dissent within the military. 
Egypt  authoritarian_regime  constitution  repression  Sisi  foreign_aid 
17 days ago by elizrael
Roundtable on Political Islam after the Arab Uprisings - Maydan, May 2018
“Are the shifts these movements are experiencing generational or ideational in nature? How has populism influenced the evolution of Islamic movements and their response to the Arab uprisings? Perhaps more significantly, how have the Arab uprisings forced us to rethink grand narratives about the nature of Islamic movements?”
ArabUprisings  Islamists  Muslim_Brotherhood  al-Nahda  Egypt  AKP  Indonesia  refugees  Morocco  repression 
17 days ago by elizrael
And to this day, when I write oped about that Sisi regime doesn’t like, his lackeys on TV-only voices allowe…
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