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i'm a hopeless romantic, you're just hopeless
Gilmore Girls, Jess Mariano, i come out like a cannonball, come of age of alcohol, raven in a field of rye, with a black and roving eye, black and roving eye, ravenous, ravenous, what you got, it's not enough, young man in America ||

Jess turns sixteen, and he's in love. He's angry and he's lost and he's in a tiny town in Connecticut, and it's too small for him. His head is too small, his head and his skin and everything, everything he's ever been is bursting out his seams. Jess turns seventeen, and he's in love, eighteen, and he's in love, nineteen and twenty and it never seems to end. He's young and he can't afford to be reckless and he doesn't know anything, anything at all.
fic  fandom-TV:GilmoreGirls  author:postcardmystery  effingbeautiful 
may 2012 by chaoticallyclev
sinuous_curve: The Ironmonger's Bed (Peggy/Howard)
When the war ends, Peggy sees Howard Stark once from across a room. They are both, in very secret ways, heroes and that is a much colder comfort than she imagined it would be.

|| Peggy does not want to be a flesh and blood ghost, but God, she can understand how one becomes just that.

// Heartbreaking and beautiful. Peggy and also Howard after the war.
fic  PeggyCarter  HowardStark  effingbeautiful  allofthefeelings  recommended  fandom:Marvel 
january 2012 by chaoticallyclev
softly_me: fic: we have not touched the stars
9000 words | Elena has finally settled into her life as a normal college student when Damon makes good on his promise and brings Stefan back to her.

|| Damon doesn't even pause before throwing back "You're his" like she's trying to trick him, like he won't fall for it.

Elena can only nod in agreement as she hears the whisper of always on the back of her neck, but she adds: "So are you; and he's ours."

Damon chuckles joylessly. "And so what? Now we're going to be some great big dysfunctional vampire family and live happily ever after? You can't fix everything by throwing around some possessive pronouns."

// This is everything I could ever want for them in this show AND there's siken quotes at the starts. Obviously this was made to appeal to all that I am. Disregarding my ridiculousness, this was a fantastic read and has Elena being as wonderful and strong as Elena should always be.
fic  pairing:Damon/Elena/Stefan  au  effingbeautiful  recommended  fandom-TV:TheVampireDiaries 
january 2012 by chaoticallyclev
Übermorgen hol ich mir der Königin ihr Kind - waldorph - Once Upon a Time (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Rumpelstiltskin really just wants a child.

Notes: Spawned from a conversation I had with dodificus about why Rumpelstiltskin is so obsessed with taking people's babies. Obviously he just wants to be a daddy. Title taken from the original German, roughly translates to "tomorrow I'll have the Queen's child".
fic  author:waldorph  effingbeautiful  gen  fandom-TV:OnceUponATime 
december 2011 by chaoticallyclev
the fruits again would fill the garden - marketchippie - Once Upon a Time (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
When she appoints him sheriff, she brings him an apple, a gift, congratulations even if it was her appointment. He laughs—easy enough to accept the gift when they both know it was her doing; something flat flickers in the back of his eyes, but he grins and holds it easily, tossing and catching it in his palm just once. She thinks: you are a child, a boy. But everyone is a child next to her, everyone around her feels impossibly young, new-eyed; she carries all the years in the town, all the history. It wears heavy, heavy as millstones. She has learned to wear them lightly though, no other choice, not when she holds the town tight in her palm and fixed in her heart, not when there is no option of letting go. She is queen and god and storyteller and lonely, lonely: still and all, this is what victory means.
fic  pairing:Regina/Graham  effingbeautiful  fandom-TV:OnceUponATime 
december 2011 by chaoticallyclev
gyzym: avengers fic: ready, fire, aim (steve/tony, nc-17) [1/3]
There's no "I" in "Avenger." |
“Captain America," he says, "is a dick.”

Then he notices the table full of investors.

“Uh,” says Tony, “wow, okay. Uh. Well then. Good morning--is it morning? It's hard to tell in the whole, you know, basement of doom they've got going on at--uh, nevermind. Right, so, great to see everyone, any chance I can convince you this was a training exercise?"

Pepper sighs, pinches the bridge of her nose, and waves a hand in Tony’s general direction.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” she says, “Tony Stark.”

/ This is the part where I go A;SLDK *GYZYM* because it's like she sees into my soul and pulls out ridiculously good for me fic at 21,000 words and I'm almost dead by the end. All of that is true. Also the voices and the character interactions are just so in line with what the movies have established and it's all so plausible and satisfying (and terrifying, because it's Tony who will always be just this side of fucked up and in need of a hug). It's so fucking good for me.
fic  TonyStark  pairing:Tony/Steve  Thor  SteveRogers  author:gyzym  allofthefeelings  effingbeautiful  fandom:Marvel  MCU:Avengers  ClintBarton 
october 2011 by chaoticallyclev
Apple Seeds | pprfaith | 3,545 words
Scientific enquiry:

If the experiment were to be repeated, would the results be the same?

Philosophical question:

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Quietly and out of Raven’s earshot, Charles wonders what poison Romeo buys for his last meal, shakes his collection of apple seeds and muses on endings.

// jeez, okay, gorgeous writing, interesting look at charles, and there's a lot of emotional gut punching going on.
fic  fandom:x-men  pairing:Charles/Erik  CharlesXavier  effingbeautiful 
september 2011 by chaoticallyclev
honey-wheeler: common threads
Set during and after the Battle for Hogwarts, Deathly Hallows. Tonks, Fleur, Andromeda, George, Neville, Dean.
fic  gen  fandom:HarryPotter  effingbeautiful 
september 2011 by chaoticallyclev
Reciprocating Ciphers
Summary: The rise and fall of stubborn feelings in words.

| That is still how I see you, even when we're at each other's throats. In turns in my memory you are serious and open and warm. You are the embodiment of some private joke whose punchline I've long forgotten.
fic  fandom:x-men  ErikLensherr  pairing:Charles/Erik  effingbeautiful 
july 2011 by chaoticallyclev
fahye_fic: [X-Men: anthem for doomed youth, 1/2]
12,918 words | "You can't be there in every test I'm ever going to take, you know."

"I know." He smiles at her. "It's just hard, when I know the answer, to not say it."

Raven raises one eyebrow at him. She only learned to do this yesterday. "Then stop looking," she says.

"That's even harder!" Charles laughs. "I'm going to get us some lemonade."

Which means Cara will suddenly take it into her head to bring them some lemonade, as a treat. As a surprise.

Raven is still small enough that her feet don't touch the polished floor when the two of them sit at the table to do their homework. Furniture makes her feel itchy after a while, so she usually ends up on the floor, stretched out on her stomach, listening to her brother blurt answers into her mind and making other people's faces at herself in the reflective surface of the window.

// A Raven-centric piece that is absolutely gorgeous and delves into the relationships between Charles, Erik, and Raven. Technically Erik/Raven as well.
fic  fandom:x-men  Raven(Mystique)  pairing:Charles/Erik  effingbeautiful 
july 2011 by chaoticallyclev
loobeeinthesky: X-men: First class fanart - Autumn emotions
Isn't it beautiful, Charles?

//Yes, it is.//

You're supposed to be looking at the metal sculpture Charles ;) (I have this thing for moving leaves, don't I?)

// this is some really gorgeous work.
fandom:x-men  pairing:Charles/Erik  fanart  effingbeautiful 
july 2011 by chaoticallyclev
imogeneindeed: fic: we are praying i am the one to save you
1200 words | He’s making it sound worse than it was.

| On the day they met, dripping water onto the docks, they’d laughed at one another before they’d said a word. Erik at the idea of someone like him, someone like him, the thoughts fairly forcing their way out of him like the burst of his laughter, and Charles because he’d seen this man, seen all of him, and god help him, he already knew he was ruined.

Everyone had looked at them like they were crazy, holding each other up, shoulders shaking, and Charles had pressed his forehead into Erik’s shoulder, Erik’s fingers in the sodden curls of Charles’ hair. He struggled to let go of Erik, that first time, wanted to fit himself around him, close as the brush of his mind.

That sentiment never really changed.
// this is beyond beautiful and heartbreaking. I really can't even describe it.
fandom:x-men  author:imogenedisease  pairing:Charles/Erik  fic  effingbeautiful 
july 2011 by chaoticallyclev
Time to Grow - zarah5 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
20,900 words |
In which you'll find chess dates which aren't dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). -- Based on First Class, this turns AU during the beach scene.
// if the word count isn't enough to tip you off, this really carries its weight. It's a long journey toward an understanding. And each step is so worth it.
author:zarah5  fandom:x-men  pairing:Charles/Erik  fic  au  effingbeautiful  allofthefeelings 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
smallacts: though our parts turn to dust
The nights are their time to be together, to regroup from the pressures and struggles of the day, when they belong to the children, to the cause. At night, they belong only to each other. In which Charles is jealous of the war-effort, Erik has grown distant, and battles are improbably won by the power of love. (Sequel to our hearts won't rust)
// I'm really attached to this series. I dunno, it just feels like such a good re-imagining that blends everything I know of x-men as a whole universe. and it gives me all of the feelings.
fic  effingbeautiful  pairing:Alex/Sean  pairing:Charles/Erik  au  allofthefeelings  status:f-locked  author:liketheroad 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
postcardmystery: I felt you in my legs, before I ever met you
I felt you in my legs, before I ever met you

[I feel like I wouldn't like me, if I met me]

// third part in postcardmystery's trilogy (now titled the Quantum Chaos trilogy). I-- really have no more words at this point except: this. just, this.
fandom:x-men  pairing:Charles/Erik  author:postcardmystery  effingbeautiful  fic 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
postcardmystery - names of collision in the dark
Violence is all Erik has ever known.

This becomes tellingly clear in his seduction technique, an assault that goes on for years, that never, ever, ends.

Charles expends a great deal of effort pretending that he minds.

// this is second part of the trilogy by postcardmystery. The writing continues to low my mind in terms of how well it captures emotions and the shifting relationship between the characters. also, warning you now, this makes me get all teary.
fandom:x-men  author:postcardmystery  pairing:Charles/Erik  fic  effingbeautiful 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
sheafrotherdon: Catch a Body by Ilse Bendorf
Salinger, I’m sorry, but “Don’t ever tell
anybody anything” is a string of words
I would like to wrap up in canvas and sink
to the bottom of the Hudson, or extract
by laser from the ribcage of all of us
who ever believed it, who felt afraid
to miss someone, to be the last one
MOTHERFUCKING.POETRY  effingbeautiful 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
daisysusan: [fic] still your song, 1/2
Sometimes Eduardo thinks about his life, because that's the only way to make sense of it all.
// this is gorgeous and slow and very emotionally satisfying. Eduardo POV, looking back on their friendship and their slow path to reconciliation. Though, I am just warning you now, there is a LOT of parentheses. sometimes i thought I was in a parentheses inside a parentheses inside a... you see how this is going. Just, if you're going to be distracted or reading this in chunks, then the parentheses might be a distraction. this is really just me sneakily trying to make you DROP EVERYTHING AND DEVOTE ALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS FIC. :D?
pairing:Mark/Eduardo  fic  EduardoSaverin  ChrisHughes  DustinMoskovitz  MarkZuckerbeg  effingbeautiful  fandom-[movie]:theSocialNetwork 
june 2011 by chaoticallyclev
passe_simple: Shelter (Jesse/Andrew) 1/7
62,000 words | alexthegreat prompted on the kinkmeme: Some sort of AU vaguely based on Shelter! For whatever reason, Jesse has to take care of Hallie and give up his dream of being an actor. He ends up working in a dead end job when former, now successful friend (Andrew) returns home. They fall in love, etc, only Jesse can't go away with him because he has a responsibility to his family. CUE ANGST.
// This is loooong and absolutely wonderful. It's adorable and heartwarming, and also difficult. also, it's harriet_vane, so, you know. It's amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥
author:harriet_vane  fic  pairing:Andrew/Jesse  RPF  au  kidfic  effingbeautiful  allofthefeelings  fandom-[movie]:theSocialNetwork 
may 2011 by chaoticallyclev
In Motion - pocketmouse - Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
Amy and Rory settle into themselves, and life on the TARDIS. The Doctor is the Doctor.
// ♥♥♥
fic  fandom:DoctorWho  AmeliaPond  Eleven  RoryWilliams  pairing:Amy/Rory  pairing:Amy/Eleven/Rory  effingbeautiful 
may 2011 by chaoticallyclev

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