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Important Considerations in Effective Pallet Rack Design
Whether you are planning a new warehouse space from scratch or upgrading an existing space, one of the best areas to focus on is your pallet rack design.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web
git: post-commit hook for determining large number of deleted lines in Org-mode
Cool post-commit hook for backing up org-files and showing changes in agenda
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7 days ago by mclearc
Will Nissan stay once Britain leaves? How one factory explains the Brexit business dilemma | News | The Guardian
“The deal [is] tangible evidence of the benefits to the UK of membership of the European Community; Nissan [has] chosen the United Kingdom because it [gives] them access to the whole European market. If we were outside the community, it is very unlikely that Nissan would have given the United Kingdom serious consideration as a base for this substantial investment.”


In fact, after Cornwall, the north-east receives England’s second-highest amount of EU structural funding proportionate to its population, according to a report compiled before the referendum for Sunderland’s public and private sector partnership, the Economic Leadership Board. The current round of EU funding, being managed by the region’s local enterprise partnership, is £437m between 2014 and 2020. Nissan itself, according to Farnsworth’s research, has received £450m in loans from the European Investment Bank, and £347m in grants and other public funding, from the UK and EU.
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14 days ago by petej
Law Firms Recognize Automation’s Importance, but They're Still Not Leveraging It | Legaltech News
Over 60 percent of surveyed firms said that automation around pricing and contact management was important to their efforts to win new clients and grow existing relationships, though only slightly under half leveraged automation for pricing, while only a third leveraged it for contact management.

Among those automating contact management and pricing, only about 40 percent said it reduced hours spent on those tasks. The majority of firms either saw no change, or did not know if there was a change in time spent.
Dan Tacone, president at Intapp, explained that automation around contact management usually takes the form of knowledge management databases that can automatically be updated with current and potential client information to keep attorneys informed. Likewise, automation around pricing refers to similar repositories that automatically collects pricing data, either externally from public databases or internally from the firm, to help attorneys determine how best to price certain matters.

To help with evaluating and onboarding new businesses, almost 70 percent of surveyed firms said automation around conflict clearance was vital, though only less than 45 percent implemented such automation in-house. Around a quarter of those automating conflicts clearance said it reduced time spent on the task, but a majority still saw no change or did not know what the impact was.

Likewise, while around two-thirds of surveyed firms also said that e-billing and time management were important to help meet client demands for transparency, only about 40 percent used e-billing, and 35 percent used management solutions. Under half said e-billing and time management were time-savers.

Tacone explained that though they find automation important, many firms aren’t bringing it in-house because it takes time to change their old spending and work habits. “They haven’t invested in technology as a strategic advantage before” and aren’t used to thinking of using technology for client services, he said.
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16 days ago by JordanFurlong
Cliensol Energy | Reducir tus Consumos de Energía desde tu Móvil
Equipos y medidores de energía para la gestión eficiente de la energía. Soluciones profesionales de medición energética para medir los consumos de electricidad, consumos de agua, consumos de gas, temperaturas, CO2 ideal para gestores energéticos ofreciendo soluciones completas de gestión energética a bajo coste.
Geeen  Electricity  iot  Control  Retail  Efficiency  Wholesale  measurement  monitoring  US  electric  cost  sustainability  domestic  energy  analysis  SmartMeter  SmartGrid  Sensamatics  AI  ProAm 
22 days ago by abetancort

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