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If I Can’t Have Me, No One Can (Kathleen Rebecca Forth — Born April 11, 1980)
This is very sad and, I’m embarrassed to say, occasionally unintentionally hilarious.
It’s now four months later, and I’m thoroughly burnt out on being stonewalled. I created an infographic with 25 examples of the stonewalling I’ve been encountering this whole time. I’ve lost a lot of the rationality I started with.
Talk of infographics in a suicide note is pure bathos. This person is a rationalist dweeb, but the earnest kind, and I’m right back to sadness & pity again.

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june 2018 by tkmharris
Oxfam's excellent inequality report
Specifically, the world’s billionaires – the richest 2,000 people on the planet – saw their wealth increase by a staggering $762 billion in just one year. That’s an average of $381 million apiece. If those billionaires had simply been content with staying at their 2016 wealth, and had given their one-year gains to the world’s poorest people instead, then extreme poverty would have been eradicated. Hell, they could have eradicated extreme poverty, at least in theory, by giving up just one seventh of their annual gains.
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january 2018 by JorgeAranda
Debunking the Stereotype of the Lazy Welfare Recipient: Evidence from Cash Transfer Programs Worldwide1 Abhijit Banerjee, MIT Rema Hanna, Harvard Gabriel Kreindler, MIT Benjamin A. Olken, MIT
Targeted transfer programs for poor citizens have become
increasingly common in the developing world. Yet, a common
concern among policy makers – both in developing as well as
developed countries – is that such programs tend to discourage
work. We re-analyze the data from 7 randomized controlled trials
of government-run cash transfer programs in six developing
countries throughout the world, and find no systematic evidence
that cash transfer programs discourage work.
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october 2017 by absfac
> A curated list of everything about Effective Altruism—awesome in the original sense of the word "awe-some."
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september 2017 by jefftriplett
Charity Cost-Effectiveness in an Uncertain World – Foundational Research Institute
Evaluating the effectiveness of our actions, or even just whether they're positive or negative by our values, is very difficult. One approach is to focus on clear, quantifiable metrics and assume that the larger, indirect considerations just kind of work out. Another way to deal with uncertainty is to focus on actions that seem likely to have generally positive effects across many scenarios, and often this approach amounts to meta-level activities like encouraging positive-sum institutions, philosophical inquiry, and effective altruism in general. When we consider flow-through effects of our actions, the seemingly vast gaps in cost-effectiveness among charities are humbled to more modest differences, and we begin to find more worth in the diversity of activities that different people are pursuing.
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august 2017 by nhaliday

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