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Why does Kotlin need "const" keyword? - Language Design - Kotlin Discussions
It’s a compile error to specify const when the assignment expression isn’t a compile-time constant.
On the other hand, if the assignment expression is a compile-time constant, IDEA suggests to add const keyword.
Hence …
const  kotlin  effect  usage 
5 days ago by lgtout
Unity 3D Normal Map Sprites
So a while ago my friend was talking about having highlights on the player for the game InTheShadows. At first I thought it would be too much work, working in Unity 4x, there was no shader available to do this easily. I've never worked on shaders before and didnt know where to begin so I researched online and put together some bits of code to make a single shader that had all the features I needed.
unity  shader  normal  sprite  light  pixel  effect 
8 days ago by vancura
Using Sprite Lamp with engines
Sprite Lamp is a tool for making normal maps. Normal maps are a way of encoding the orientation of the surface at every pixel, with something called a surface normal. This is a fairly standard way of doing things, and in general, a modern game engine that makes use of dynamic lighting will usually allow you to use normal maps out of the box, including normal maps created in Sprite Lamp. The fact that Sprite Lamp is usually used to apply normal maps to a sprite doesn’t make any real technical difference – you’re simply applying it to a ‘billboard’ mesh (a rectangle that is positioned to face the camera) rather than a more normal mesh.
unity  shader  normal  sprite  light  pixel  effect 
8 days ago by vancura
A streaming library with a superpower: FS2 and functional programming
Scala has a very special streaming library called FS2 (Functional Streams for Scala). This library embodies all the advantages of functional programming (FP). By understanding its design goals you…
scala  library  stream  effect  functional  programming  pipeline  intro 
13 days ago by gilberto5757
Frosting Glass with CSS Filters | CSS-Tricks
While filters such as contrast, saturate, and blur have existed in image editors for some time, delivering them on the web has historically required
css  css-filters  css_techniques  effect  effects  frost  frosted-glass  glass  misc  publish 
15 days ago by jccalhoun

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