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Café Panache
'Van de makers' van onder meer Hugo's, Americano en Franklin, dus verwacht toegankelijk eten. Die cocktailbar is uiteraard gebleven, dus je kunt ook je hart ophalen aan (shared) cocktails en pitchers. Waar? Ten Catemarkt 117, Ten Katebuurt
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january 2016 by bartvdm
Instructables Homopolar motor
interesting shapes indicate possible nanobot uses.
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may 2015 by Cloudwalker
WRE Work-Ready Electronics
From EET 105 class Unit 6.

Includes a module on Fourier theory.

Introduction to Electronics
Electronic Circuits
Electronic Careers
Switching Power Supplies
Fourier Theory
Switching Amplifiers
Data Conversion, Part 1
Data Conversion, Part 2
Phase-Locked Loops
Alternative Energy
Portable Power Technology
Wireless Technology
Contemporary Wireless
Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Systems View of Electronics
Data Acquisition
Wiring and Cabling
Contemporary Power Supplies
Micro & Embedded Controllers, Part 1
Micro & Embedded Controllers, Part 2
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february 2015 by Cloudwalker
NTE Electronics, Inc
Cross reference, data sheet, and inventory search
(973) 748-5089
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january 2015 by Cloudwalker
YouTube Team MBLM
go over this excellent series on motors/types!
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december 2014 by Cloudwalker
youtube make a motor
nice heavy motor with good instructions, technique, and explanations.
motor  EET  electronics 
december 2014 by Cloudwalker
Intro to Electric Fields 2010
fields: scalar & vector
november 2014 by Cloudwalker
Muse: the brain sensing headband
Muse is the brain sensing headband that helps you do more with your mind with training sessions designed to reduce your stress and improve your emotional streng
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september 2014 by nununo

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