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The Only Team Edward Shirt You'll Ever Need [Scifashion]
Twilight fans can keep their shirts emblazoned with Robert Pattinson's face. The rest of us know that the only Team Edward worth belonging to is Team Edward James Olmos. And now you can wear your affiliation proudly.
Joel Watson drew this strip for HijiNKS Ensue, his thrice weekly webcomic about technology and geek culture:

Naturally, this spurred an immediate demand for an actual Team Edward James Olmos shirt, and Watson has not disappointed. The Team EJO shirt is available for $20 at the HijiNKS Ensue store.
[HijiNKS Ensue]
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december 2009 by sanshiro_sugata
6 Cheap Acting Tricks That Fool The Critics Every Time | Cracked.com
'There comes a time in every major actor's career when they attempt to put the lighthearted comedies and inane chick flicks behind them and tackle a more serious role.'
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Fanvid: Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
By chaila. Summary: Bill builds castles made of sand. Spoilers through 4x12 Revelations.
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september 2008 by dianadhevi
More Olmos
The always awesome Matt and Nat of The BSGcast have their own footage of Eddie Olmos and Aaron Douglas at their Q&A Session at Fan Expo Canada:Also check out this reel that showcases Eddie's other lectures from his bookers, Keppler Speakers.Plus, The Sci-Fi Guys have an interview with Eddie.And to get even more of your Adama fix, check out this fan vid by dragonchic721.
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august 2008 by dianadhevi

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