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Trinket: code is your canvas
Trinket lets you run and write code in any browser, on any device.

Trinkets work instantly, with no need to log in, download plugins, or install software.

Easily share or embed the code with your changes when you're done.
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21 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Teach logic gates and digital circuits effectively. Teach logic gates and digital circuits effectively
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PBS Teacher Line
Teacher certification courses. The self-guided courses are free.
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yesterday by tomjlowe
Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong | WIRED
According to one expert, most common learning strategies are actually hurting our ability to acquire and retain long-term knowledge.
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yesterday by geetarista
"Academia is the easiest way to share papers with millions of people across the world for free. A study recently published in PLOS ONE found that papers uploaded to Academia receive a 69% boost in citations over 5 years."

Can read papers online publicly; sign in to download.

surveillance tech: google/facebook signup. Also can do email signup.

Academia | | retr 24 jun 2017
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yesterday by tometaxu
Jay’s book is filled with advice on how to get on with life. For example, build identity capital. If you are going to be underemployed, do it in a way that people are going to find interesting later on. Nobody is ever going to ask you, “What was it like being a nanny?” They will ask you, “What was it like leading excursions of Outward Bound
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