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The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs
Takedown of Jordan Peterson, based largely on his 1999 book Maps of Meaning.
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Storage Training - Education Services | HPE™
The job responsibility of a storage administrator has evolved to one that needs to adapt to changes quickly. Companies need the right people with the right skills and expertise to manage immense volumes of data, making certain their teams maintain high levels of staff motivation and productivity. They should be able to view and manage storage ecosystems holistically and operate all components together – from services, applications, devices and infrastructure.
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Udacity ends pledge for students to get hired or get their money back
Point: Compare to MissionU. Still trying to find formula for this.

Craig said the effectiveness of Udacity’s job guarantee was likely very limited for students. “Money-back guarantees don’t address the real guarantee that students are seeking: a job,” said Craig.

Daniel Friedman, co-founder of coding school Thinkful, wrote in January 2016 that Udacity’s guarantee was vaguer and weaker than the guarantees offered by his own company and others such as Bloc and Flatiron School. Such guarantees are common at coding schools, though Friedman noted that some schools have had to drop guarantees because they conflicted with state regulations.

Udacity didn’t promise that nanodegree holders would get a job in tech, and it also didn’t promise a big salary, said Friedman. Udacity’s guarantee said that students should earn more than the cost of their tuition in three months. If a person graduated in nine months (at a total cost of $2,691), they’d only need to earn $900 a month to meet Udacity's salary expectations -- less than minimum wage, said Friedman.

Phil Hill, co-founder of Mindwires Consulting and co-publisher of the e-Literate blog, said that Udacity’s decision to drop the job guarantee may have been driven by the company’s desire to soon go public. “Investors want predictability in income and growth, and they typically don’t like unknown liabilities,” said Hill. The money-back guarantee was risky and uncharted territory for the company, he said.

Of course, Udacity’s money-back guarantee came with conditions. Students had to apply to at least five jobs per week, and these applications had to show “clear good-faith effort and be tailored to the role and the company.” In addition, students were required to meet with the Udacity careers team and work on their portfolio in their own time.
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