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FramerCasts - : Framer tutorials and training
Login Code Clarity Hey everyone, it's been a while since the last FramerCasts. I had a new baby boy a few weeks ago and have been a bit distracted :) Yesterday I read Steve Ruiz's article on code quality and really liked the approach.
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4 days ago by mayrav
BBC Make It Digital
Part of BBC's digital / computer literacy programme
digital-literacy  edu  strategy 
11 days ago by hirnsieb
Technology Will Save Us - STEM / MINT Toys & Coding Kits for Kids at Home and School
home of the electroDough (4+) and the MicroBit controller (11+)

reasons for the importance of STEM / MINT for kids and creativity on their blog:
kids  edu  bastelkiste  physical  geeky  geschenkeliste  Kauft!  digital-literacy 
11 days ago by hirnsieb
With the motto "History is the context of our future" introducing a new generation digital designers to o…
ixd  edu  from twitter
14 days ago by BogieZero
Accessibility in Email Webinar Recap
Last week we hosted a webinar all about Accessibility in Email. I think it's safe to say that the webinar was a resounding success.
accessibility  class  development  edu  email 
18 days ago by mayrav

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