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More libraries are going fine-free. That’s good for everyone. - The Washington Post
editorial about library fees, RRG spoke to writer; editorial links to us and RRG's older op-ed
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yesterday by stereogab
Getting Things Done with TaskPaper 3: Plain text to-do lists for Mac
Article about using TaskPaper (or its file format) as the centerpiece in Getting Things Done; 2016-Aug-3 on the ProfHacker blog (Teaching, Tech, and Productivity). Also mentions ViM (with TaskPaper plugin!) and Editorial.
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7 days ago by amoore
A Different Take
In last week’s post, I looked at the recent spate of mass shootings and asked what might explain them. My friend Kent Dahlberg has a different take on the issue. I invited him to reply. Extensive research has surfaced a theory that there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who divide the …
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7 days ago by dwight
Protect: Gooley Club buildings should be torn down
The state needs to hold firm. It must publicly state that the Gooley Club buildings will be removed as scheduled and ensure their removal this fall.
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12 days ago by adirondacks

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