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Ten local people were interviewed for Tim Shellmer’s YouTube video
“Negative Impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Line,” and as such must travel to Concord to testify at this Friday’s hearing before a N.H. Site Evaluation Committee subcommittee. According to Nancy West’s story on InDepthNH.org last Friday, because the subcommittee will view the video, the people speaking on it must be available for cross-examination.
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Without Action, Northern Pass to Cut Straight Through Plymouth | theclockonline
Walking down the Main Street of Plymouth, New Hampshire on a brisk autumn day, one can't help but recognize the town's vibrant energy. Students sit inside the ice cream parlor or burrito shop, tourists peek inside the thrift stores, people who have built their lives here relax in the park with their children and dogs. For most of these people, Northern Pass is the last thing on their minds, but it may change Plymouth forever.
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The Soviet Military Program that Secretly Mapped the Entire World
During the Cold War, the Soviet military undertook a secret mapping program that’s only recently come to light in the West. Military cartographers created hundreds of thousands of maps and filled them with detailed notes on the terrain and infrastructure of every place on Earth.
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