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Visual Studio Code
free and open source editor. (Actually there's a free version of the whole Visual Studio IDE now: Visual Studio Community)
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14 hours ago by robduarte
The Craft of Text Editing
This web site contains the full text of the book "The Craft of Text Editing." That book was published in 1991 by Springer-Verlag & Co. By arrangement between the author and the publisher, the book version is now out of print and all rights have been returned to the author. Note that there may be some slight differences in typographic corrections between this version and the printed one.
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17 hours ago by darren_n
010 Editor - The Professional Text/Hex Editor with Binary Templates
"Professional text and hex editing with Binary Templates technology."
programming  software  editor 
yesterday by ddribin
"An open source game UI, level and content editor. Friendly to all engines’ frameworks and programming languages. One and only tool for 2D games, before you get to coding."
(Not sure what other supported runtimes besides libGDX?
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yesterday by mechazoidal

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