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file io - Python truncate lines as they are read - Stack Overflow
Read and act on lines in a file, then empty the file.

with open('myfile.txt', 'rw+') as file:
for line in file:
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11 days ago by christianmlong
fileinput — Command-Line Filter Framework — PyMOTW 3
The fileinput module is a framework for creating command-line programs for processing text files as a filter. Can edit files in-place.
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11 days ago by christianmlong
What Can I Do About Bufferbloat? - Bufferbloat.net
What Can I Do About Bufferbloat?
Bufferbloat is high latency (or lag) that occurs when there’s other traffic on your network. Use the DSLReports Speed Test or run one of the Tests for Bufferbloat to see if it’s present.
TL;DR - if tests show bufferbloat, your router is letting bulk traffic (uploads/downloads) interfere with (and slow down) your time-sensitive traffic (gaming, Skype, Facetime, etc.) Twiddling with QoS might help, but a faster internet connection probably won’t help at all. You will need to find a way to fix the router.
How Can I Tell if My Router Has Bufferbloat?
Use DSL Reports Speed Test or any of the other tests on Tests for Bufferbloat
A good router that protects against bufferbloat will hold the induced latency (extra latency above the no-traffic levels) below 30 msec.
Above 100 msec, people will notice that the network feels slow: voice calls begin to sound bad, web browsing feels sticky, and you start to lag out when gaming.
If ping times/latency gets high while the speed test is running and drop back down when the speed test completes, it means your router is bloated. You have probably noticed that the network feels draggy or slow when other people use the network.
To Eliminate Bufferbloat in your Network…
You will need a router whose manufacturer understands the principles of bufferbloat, and has updated the firmware to use one of the Smart Queue Management algorithms such as cake, fq_codel, PIE, or others.
If your router has SQM settings, you can measure latency under load without SQM, then turn on SQM and iterate: adjust the router settings and measure latency until the latency gets as low as possible while retaining good speeds. See, for example, this tuning session.
We continue to be hopeful that commercial router vendors will offer SQM in their stock firmware. Here is a list of those that do:
The IQrouter provides a good setup wizard for configuring SQM, and automatically tuning its settings.
The Untangle NG Firewall has fq_codel settings
Ubiquiti has fq_codel settings
ipfire.org has fq_codel settings
Install the LEDE 17.01.4 (or newer) firmware on your current router. These builds are now stable and include the luci-app-sqm package. There’s a guide at the LEDE web site: https://lede-project.org/docs/user-guide/sqm
Or install suitable DD-WRT (www.dd-wrt.com) or Gargoyle (www.gargoyle-router.com) firmware. We understand that current builds of both products support fq_codel.
Finally, if none of these seem to be options, call your router vendor’s support line. With the information from the DSLReports Speed Test or the Quick Test for Bufferbloat in hand, you can mention that the ping times get really high when up/downloading files, and that it really hurts your network performance. Ask if they’re working on the problem, and when they’re going to release a firmware update that solves it.
Read More:
Why does SQM work so well?
What’s wrong with simply configuring QoS?
Setting up SQM on a Router Manually
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marktext/marktext: 📝Next generation markdown editor, running on platforms of MacOS Windows and Linux.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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PDFescape - Free PDF Editor & Free PDF Form Filler
Edit PDF files with PDFescape - an online, free PDF reader, free PDF editor & free PDF form filler. View PDF documents on the web. Fill out PDF forms quickly without Adobe Acrobat. No watermarks or registration. Completely free.
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A User's Guide to the Z-Shell
4.3.5: Regions and marks
Another useful concept from Emacs is that of regions and marks. In Emacs-speak `point' is where the cursor is and `mark' is somewhere where you leave a mark to come back to later. The command to set the mark at the current point is `^@' as in Emacs, a hieroglyphic which usually means holding down the control key and pressing the space key. On some systems, such as the limited version of telnet provided with a well-known non-UNIX-based windowing system, you can't send this sequence, and you need to bind a different sequence to set-mark-command. One possibility is `\e ' (escape followed by space), as in MicroEMACS. (Some X Windows configurations don't allow ^@ to work in an xterm, either, though that is usually fixable.)

To continue with Emacs language, the region between point and mark is described simply as `the region'. In zsh, you can't have this highlighted, as you might be used to with editors running directly under windowing systems, so the easiest way to find out the ends of the region is with ^x^x, exchange-point-and-mark, which I mentioned before --- mark, by default, is left at the beginning of the line, hence the behaviour you saw above.

Various editing commands --- usually those with `region' in the name --- operate on this. The most usual are those which kill or copy the region. Annoyingly, kill-region isn't bound --- in Emacs, it's ^w, but zsh follows the tradition of having that bound to backward-kill-word, even though that's also available as the traditional Emacs binding \e^?. So it's probably useful to rebind it. To copy the region, the usual binding `\ew' works.

You then `yank' back the text copied or killed at another point with `^y'. The shell implements the `kill ring' feature, which means if you perform a yank, then type `<ESC>y' (yank-pop) repeatedly, the shell cycles back through previously killed or copied text, so that you have more available than just the last one.
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