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EDHREC analyzes a large database of Magic: the Gathering decks to generate recommendations for EDH.
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july 2017 by navegador
8x8 Theory for EDH/Commander
8x8 Theory is a mathematical approach to beginning the rough draft of an EDH decklist. Start with your Commander and 35 lands, choose 8 effects you wish to see, and then pick 8 cards for each effect, yielding a clean 64 cards.
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september 2016 by CrystalDave
Frank Analysis – How Many Colored Mana Sources Do You Need to Consistently Cast Your Spells?
I'm going to kick off 2014 by analyzing mana bases. The creation of a solid mana base is one of the most important aspects of deckbuilding, and today I'll try to answer questions like, “how many sources of black mana do I need to be able to consistently cast Thoughtseize on turn one?” and, “how many sources of white mana do I need to be able to consistently cast Supreme Verdict on turn four?” These questions are relevant if, for example, you are building an Esper deck with 27 lands, but you are still wondering how many Temples to play, how many basic lands to play, which ones, and whether or not you can fit in Mutavault. This article will provide guidelines for those kinds of challenges.
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january 2016 by grifflet
EDH Lands: Building your land base
This guide will help you make your EDH land base the best it can be.
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january 2016 by grifflet

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