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The Ecological Impact of Browser Diversity
Early in my career when I worked at agencies and later at Microsoft on Edge, I heard the same lament over and over: "Argh, why doesn’t Edge just run on Blink? Then I would have access to ALL THE APIs I want to use and would only have to test in one browser!" Let me be clear: an Internet that runs only on Chrome’s engine, Blink, and its offspring, is not the paradise we like to imagine it to be.
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20 hours ago by spaceninja
Mozilla is deeply concerned about Microsoft killing EdgeHTML
Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the EdgeHTML browser engine. Future versions of Edge would use Google’s Chromium rendering engine, which powers a swathe of browsers, including Chrome and Opera. via Pocket
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3 days ago by evansthompson
Microsoft EdgeのChromium移行とか - fragmentary
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4 days ago by yoshiagi
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Forceful essay on the value of browser diversity
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4 days ago by nelson

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