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2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: In Brands We Trust? - 2019_edelman_trust_barometer_special_report_in_brands_we_trust.pdf
Three Parts of Trust:
1. Product Experience
2. Customer Experience
3. Impact on Society

Percent who say each is a deal breaker or deciding factor in their brand buying decision
Quality 85
Convenience 84
Value 84
Ingredients 82
-->> I must be able to trust the brand to do what is right 81
Supply Chain 79
Customer Before Profits 78
Good Reviews 77
Reputation 73
Values 72
Environmental Impact 71
(fairly equal across age, gender, income. A little higher in the US (83)

But only 1 in 3 trust most brands they buy
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20 days ago by JohnDrake
Only One-Third of Consumers Trust Most of the Brands They Buy | Edelman
Creativity, finds that only one-third of consumers (34 percent) trust most of the brands they buy or use. The survey of 16,000 people in eight countries reveals that brand trust (81 percent) is a deal breaker or a deciding factor when they’re considering a purchase, trailing only quality (85 percent), convenience (84 percent), value (84 percent) and ingredients (82 percent).


“Trust has always played an important role in brand purchase,” said Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman. “But consumers now have much larger expectations of brands, and their trust is predicated on how well a brand can pass through the three gates of trust—product, customer experience and impact on society.”


When brands build trust, consumers reward them. Consumers who trust a brand are more than twice as likely to be the first to buy the brand’s new products (53 percent versus 25 percent). They are more than twice as likely to stay loyal to a brand they trust, even in the face of disruption, such as a trendy or innovative competitor (62 percent versus 29 percent). They are more than twice as likely to advocate for a brand they trust (51 percent versus 24 percent), and almost twice as likely to defend it when things go wrong (43 percent versus 22 percent). And when a brand is trusted on product, customer service and societal impact, the percentage of consumers who will buy first, stay loyal to, advocate for and defend it (68 percent) is 21 points higher than consumers who buy on product trust only (47 percent).


More than half of respondents (56 percent) said that too many brands are using societal issues as a marketing ploy.


Eighty-seven percent of respondents have strong trust in a brand message after seeing it across six different channels, compared to 13 percent who have strong trust in a message after just one viewing.
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26 days ago by JohnDrake
Edelman's 'earned creative' strategy is noble, but does it work? | PR Week
"Partly it’s a financial thing. They can be enormously expensive. But also we haven’t seen it work elsewhere, so we look for a different sort of person that approaches things from a slightly different way." Fleishman’s approach is to drive creativity throughout all parts of the agency from the bottom up, rather than bringing in crack teams of creatives. - which says volumes about the health of the PR indsutry (paywall)
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february 2019 by renaissancechambara
How Employee Trust Leads To Trusted Brands | Branding Strategy Insider
From refrenced edelman report
"Globally, 'my employer' (75%) is significantly more trusted than NGOs (57%), business (56%), government (48%) and media (47%)"

"(76%) say they want CEOs to take the lead on change instead of waiting for government to impose it"
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february 2019 by tom.reeder
Digital Chief Kevin King Quits Edelman After 14 Years
More recently, sources familiar with the situation also point to ongoing questions regarding the agency's investment priorities. Famously, Edelman has hired more than 600 creatives and planners over the last three years, in a bid to better compete with agencies across the paid and earned media spectrum
july 2018 by renaissancechambara

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