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Installing the Amazon ECS Container Agent - Amazon Elastic Container Service
If your container instance was not launched using an Amazon ECS-optimized AMI, you can install the Amazon ECS container agent manually using one of the following procedures.
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19 days ago by arthuralvim
Tutorial: Creating a Cluster with a Fargate Task Using the AWS CLI - Amazon Elastic Container Service
The following steps help you set up a cluster, register a task definition, run a task, and perform other common scenarios in Amazon ECS with the AWS CLI. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the AWS CLI. For more information on how to upgrade to the latest version, see
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19 days ago by arthuralvim
"This week’s issue discusses Microsoft’s up-selling practices and the often-found and detrimental inconsistent messaging enterprises communicate to their cloud vendors during cloud negotiations."
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23 days ago by jonerp
Subjective judgements by climate experts - Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications)
1995: expert elicitation of 16 leading U.S. climate scientists about the nature of the climate system and climate sensitivity.
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4 weeks ago by huntercutting

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