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The state of Developer Ecosystem in 2019 Infographic
Almost 7,000 developers share their insights on modern technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and tools of choice for software development.
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yesterday by zchi
The people behind Ushahidi, a software platform for communicating information during a crisis, have now developed what they are dubbing a “backup generator for the Internet”—a device that can connect with any network in the world, provide eight hours of wireless connectivity battery life, and via Pocket
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7 days ago by thewavingcat
We’ve Driven Nearly 600 Plant Species to Extinction, Alarming Study Finds
New findings released in Nature Ecology and Evolution on Monday show that plants are dying at an alarming rate globally. Nearly 600 species have disappeared off the face of the Earth since Carl Linnaeus’ seminal 1753 book Species Plantarum due to ecosystem destruction, invasive diseases, human over-harvesting, and climate change. The researchers note that the rate of loss is 500 times faster than the background extinction rate.

Absolute extinction only tells part of the story of what’s happening to nature right now. There’s a trove of plant species that are functionally extinct, meaning only a few hundred specimens remain, putting the species as a whole on course for annihilation.
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9 days ago by josephaleo
Civic Switchboard
This project encourages partnerships between libraries and local data intermediaries; these partnerships will better serve data users, further democratize data, and support equitable access to information. The project will create a toolkit for libraries interested in expanding (or beginning) their role around civic information.
IMLS  civic  data  ecosystem 
9 days ago by laurenpressley
Mycorrhizal Fungi Respond to Resource Inequality by Moving Phosphorus from Rich to Poor Patches across Networks: Current Biology
We developed a quantum-dot nutrient-tracking technique that allowed us to track the trade of fluorescently labeled phosphorus in arguably the world’s most widespread trade partnership: the mutualism between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and land plants [15
]. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi form underground networks of filamentous hyphae in the soil [16
]. The fungus mobilizes and collects phosphorus from the soil and trades this commodity with its host plants for carbon in a market-like exchange [6
, 8
, 17
, 18
, 19
, 20
]. By tagging phosphorus with highly fluorescent nanoparticles of different colors, we could follow the movement of resources from their points of origin, across a fungus, and into the host root.
Our aim was to examine how the trading strategy of a fungus responds to varying levels of resource inequality. We manipulated resource distributions across a fungus, simultaneously exposing it to rich and poor patches of tagged phosphorus across its network
fungus  ecosystem  trade  networks  cool 
10 days ago by yorksranter
The Sealed Garden That Was Only Watered Once in 53 Years - Biologic Performance
In 1960 David Latimer got curious and decided to plant a glass bottle with seed. He would have never guessed it would turn into a beautiful case study of a self-sustaining sealed ecosystem.
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4 weeks ago by schleemilch

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