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China’s tech funding boom: is Europe asleep on the job? | Opinion | The Guardian
None of this bodes well for Europe’s ability to remain at the centre of the global economy. Its industrial giants will not fade away but they will be increasingly dominated by foreign owners and foreign technology. While, in the rosier days of globalisation, this might even have been hailed as laudable, under today’s new normal this strategy borders on the suicidal. Those afternoon naps of European policymakers increasingly look like a coma.
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yesterday by soobrosa
U.S. Government Revenues Drop in Wake of Tax Cuts - WSJ
government receipts fell 7% in June compared with the same month a year earlier
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2 days ago by jayyy
The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning - Gengo AI
What are some open datasets for machine learning? We at Gengo decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for high quality datasets.
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3 days ago by tranqy
Debatt: Politikerna sänker bostadsmarknaden
”Det är dags för en paus. Inga fler kreditregleringar förrän nuvarande åtgärder har utvärderats. Parallellt måste politikerna samla sig till beslut om särregler för unga, kapitalsvaga och förstagångsköpare så att de ges tillträde till bostadsmarknaden. På ett djupare plan är det dags för politiker och myndigheter att ge svar; Vem ska finansiera framtidens bostäder?”
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4 days ago by kr4d
It’s not wage rises that are a problem for the economy – it’s the lack of them | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
This is the central story of the last four decades, the vast social engineering project to which all our recent presidents and both parties have contributed. Next to this stupendous transformation, all the culture wars and flag-fights and stupid tweets fade into insignificance.
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4 days ago by jstenner

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