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Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of Disruption - The Atlantic
Tech analysts are prone to predicting utopia or dystopia. They’re worse at imagining the side effects of a firm's success.
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French companies complain of skills shortages
“Unemployment in France is mostly an unemployment of the low qualified. The mismatch between companies’ needs and the skills available is becoming very clear and very problematic with the recovery,” Patrick Artus, Natixis chief economist, says. “It explains France’s high structural unemployment, of the sort that can’t be absorbed despite economic growth.”
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2 days ago by rrraul
Boom and Gloom: An Economic Warning for California - The New York Times
The United States is on track to achieve the second-longest economic expansion in its history. Unemployment is at a 17-year low. And California’s state budget has a multibillion-dollar surplus.
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RT : What shapes our thinking about the ? How can we tell a new story to shift to a new economic system? Find ou…
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Gapminder - Dolar Street
Imagine the world as a street ordered by income. Everyone lives somewhere on the street. The poorest lives to the left and the richest to the right. Everybody else live somewhere in between. Welcome to visit all homes on Dollar Street!
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2 days ago by Shoord
il comunista: Augusto Graziani: la scienza moderna delle classi sociali. - Emiliano Brancaccio -
L’eventualità di un tracollo dell’euro, evocata da Graziani nei mesi in cui l’entusiasmo verso la moneta comune era alle stelle, suscitava i...
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