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Why are the 'yellow vests' protesting in France?
A different maillot jaune: protracted protests in france target Macron and elite
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18 hours ago by csrollyson
How This All Happened · Collaborative Fund
One was the GI Bill, which offered unprecedented mortgage opportunities. Sixteen million veterans could buy a home often with no money down, no interest in the first year, and fixed rates so low that monthly mortgage payments could be lower than a rental.
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2 days ago by phillmv
Only a rupture with the EU will alter the failed status quo | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian
Brexit, the gilets jaunes protesters in France, the terrible pain inflicted on Greece and the support for the League/Five Star government in Italy all tell their own story. Europe is alive with political discontent that reflects the demand for deep and urgent reform, but the chances of getting it are less likely if the status quo prevails.

Why? Because the forces of conservatism are strong. Change comes about only when the pressure for it becomes too great to resist. The financial crisis provided one such opportunity to reform an economic system that for many people clearly wasn’t working; Brexit was a second. The left’s case for Brexit has always been based on the following notions: the current economic model is failing; socialism is needed to fix it; and the free-market ideology hardwired into the EU via the European Central Bank, judgments of the European court of justice and treaty changes will make that process all but impossible without a break with the status quo.

It is theoretically possible that in the event of a “Brexit in name only” or no Brexit at all, policymakers will push ahead with what’s needed in order to make a reality of the slogan “a reformed Britain in a reformed Europe”. Possible but not all that plausible, given that it would require breaking up the euro, more autonomy for individual countries to intervene in the running of their economies, and a simultaneous philosophical U-turn in the big member states.

Much more likely is that the pressure for change will dissipate and the real grievances of those who voted for Brexit will be quietly forgotten. The softer the Brexit, the more convinced the EU will be that it has been doing the right thing all along. Britain will not go up in flames, but there will still be consequences. Leave voters will feel they have been victims of an establishment stitch-up. The anger will not go away and will eventually resurface.

The risk is that the losers will be the biggest supporters of the EU – the liberal left. And the biggest winners will be the extreme right.
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2 days ago by petej
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 percent tax plan has this American philosopher to thank.
plan can trace its intellectual lineage to John Rawls, the giant of American political philosophy. His 1971 classic, A Theory of Justice, defends a vision of liberal society that still appeals to most Americans: equal rights, a market economy, and a welfare state.

Central to Rawls’ philosophy is a defense of inequality. If people are born free and equal, why would we agree to live in an unequal society? His answer is that we can all do better if we allow some inequality. It’s OK that business owners earn more than others—but only because the financial reward acts as an incentive for entrepreneurs to create jobs and produce goods that improve the lives of the less well-off.

In other words: A rising tide is just, as long as it lifts all boats.
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2 days ago by Jibarosoy
پاره‌كه‌ی‌ به‌غدا گه‌یشته‌ هه‌رێم..دابه‌شكردنی‌ موچه‌ خێراتر ده‌كرێت
Jan. 16; SNNC quotes KRG finance ministry source as saying 317 billion dinars received from Baghdad, all salaries to be distributed by 25 of january
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3 days ago by insideiraqipolitics

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