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Por qué los catalanes pagan los impuestos más altos | Mi dinero | Cinco Días
article in Cinco Días de El País about taxes in Catalunya and why people pay more.
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What Trump has undone - The Washington Post
We’ve decided to update this list on a weekly basis. Items that have been added or updated since the last iteration are highlighted in yellow.

President Trump has repeatedly argued that he’s done more than any other recent president. That’s not true, as measured by the amount of legislation he’s been able to sign. It is true, though, that Trump has undone a lot of things that were put into place by his predecessors, including President Barack Obama.
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Why white supremacists can’t confront the fact that the source of their economic problems is rich white people
Here are eight overarching economic trends that Slavin notes have clobbered the middle class, working class and poor.

1. Manufacturing has sharply declined.
2. Many cities have fallen into decline.
3. Health care costs have left wages frozen.
4. Public education is vastly underfunded.
5. The government is not reinvesting in America.
6. The criminal justice system is bloated.
7. The make-work private sector’s useless jobs. This isn’t just the growth of service industries, but “more than 15 million Americans hold jobs that do not produce any useful goods or services,” such as bill collectors, telemarketers, sales reps paid on commission, etc., Slavin writes.
8. The bloated financial sector.
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