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Shows products and countries that use child labor or forced labor. Interactive site with lots of info.
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Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget - Interactive Feature -
An interactive page that allows you to attempt to fix the budget gaps for 2015 & 2030.
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15 hours ago by benwildeboer
How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck |
Great infographic depicting how the average consumer spends their money each year.
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15 hours ago by benwildeboer
What if jobs are not the solution but the problem?
These beliefs are no longer plausible. In fact, they’ve become ridiculous, because there’s not enough work to go around, and what there is of it won’t pay the bills – unless of course you’ve landed a job as a drug dealer or a Wall Street banker, becoming a gangster either way.
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16 hours ago by basus
is an organization run by economists for economists with the aim of coordinating distributed development of high quality open source code for all forms of quantitative economic modeling
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20 hours ago by sechilds
Persuasion: Empirical Evidence
We provide a selective survey of empirical evidence on the effects as well as the drivers of persuasive communication. We consider persuasion directed at consumers, voters, donors, and investors. We organize our review around four questions. First, to what extent does persuasion affect the behavior of each of these groups? Second, what models best capture the response to persuasive communication? Third, what are persuaders’ incentives, and what limits their ability to distort communications? Finally, what evidence exists on the way persuasion affects equilibrium outcomes in economics and politics?

persuasion rates from Table 1 are useful
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