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Economists, Economic History, and Theory | Notes On Liberty
He sketches the pendulum between consensus and uncertainty…goodhart monetary regime changes

…and suddenly the Great Monetary Experiment of today’s central banks seem much less novel!
goodhart  economichistory  centralbank 
9 days ago by yorksranter
UK graphene inquiry reveals commercial struggles : Nature News & Comment
There’s not enough focus on where the demand for new inventions is coming from, and how you promote that demand,” he says — spin-outs and small enterprises cannot achieve a graphene revolution on their own.
graphene  Osborne  economichistory  industrial_strategy 
17 days ago by yorksranter
The deep roots of development - Part 5
amazing that the I-5 corridor is a marker even pre-contact. also, the Mata Atlantica and the River Plate basin are two massive civilizations that didn't happen.
economichistory  agriculture  riverplate 
7 weeks ago by yorksranter
A new history of the French banking crisis during the Great Depression | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
This new picture of the French Great Depression shows that a broad view on the financial system is needed to understand the channels and consequences of banking panics. The previous literature on the Great Depression in France had underestimated the size of the banking crisis because it was limited to a subset of banks. The French case demonstrates that some minor macroeconomic assumptions and extrapolations on monetary statistics can be misleading and introduce large, persistent biases in historiography. // look at UK deposits and German deposits after '31!
banking  finance  greatdepression  france  economics  economichistory 
december 2018 by yorksranter
The Power of Nations: Measuring What Matters | International Security | MIT Press Journals
Therefore, dividing GDP by population controls for some of the costs that make the difference between a state's gross and net resources. Combining GDP with GDP per capita thus yields an indicator that accounts for size and efficiency, the two main dimensions of net resources.
gdp  history  economichistory  power 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Workers have right to gig economy that delivers for 21st century | Financial Times
A developed economy that finds itself sliding back down the global value chain is an economy where something is going awry.
economics  mcdonnell  productivity  economichistory  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Mark Harrison
The supply-chain problem of an economy built on these foundations was that the state became a monopolist intermediary of everything. The centre’s sweeping powers of allocation induced perverse incentives and inefficiencies everywhere below the apex. As soon as this economy came into being, those within it became aware of its defects and began to press for decentralising reforms.
soviet  russia  economichistory 
september 2018 by yorksranter

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