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Laura Basu (2018) 'Media Amnesia' (pdf)
pdf of first chapter of her book, on characteristics of media coverage of financial crisis and its own rewriting of the story. She says there was (1) a a lack of historical perspective; (2) a narrow range of expertise, and (3) a lack of global perspective
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august 2018 by cloughgates
ECONPUBLIC – outputs and publications
Tiago Mata's Econpublic project and its publications. Focused on journalism.
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august 2018 by cloughgates
Financial Regulation: Recent Crisis Reaffirms the Need to Overhaul the U. S
Testimony of Richard J Hillman of Government Accountability Office to Senate Banking committee
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august 2018 by cloughgates
The Econocracy review
Chakrabortty: By making their discipline all-pervasive, and pretending it is the physics of social science, economists have turned much of our democracy into a no-go zone for the public. This is the authors’ ultimate charge: “We live in a nation divided between a minority who feel they own the language of economics and a majority who don’t.”
august 2018 by cloughgates
Lack of financial literacy among voters is a 'threat to democracy'
According to a poll of more than 1,500 adults, around 60% failed offer the correct definition of GDP when given five choices. A quarter said they did not know. The survey, which was devised by the Post-Crash Economics society at Manchester University and pollsters YouGov, also found that almost half of respondents were unable to pick the right definition for the government’s budget deficit from a multiple choice question.
august 2018 by cloughgates
YouGov / Rethinking Economics survey report 2016 results (pdf)
Only 12% think politicians and the media talk about economics in a way that is accessible and easy to understand
august 2018 by cloughgates
A Modern History of FOMC Communication: 1975-2002 (pdf)
Pages 105-130 detail the discussions with Alan Greenspan about releasing the unedited transcripts of the FOMC.
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july 2018 by cloughgates
Andrea Prat (2005) 'The Wrong Kind of Transparency'
On the kinds of transparency and 'information' principals might want or need to have about agents... a precursor to the paper about transparency of Fed minutes. (Goldsmiths has access, I have pdf)
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july 2018 by cloughgates
Down with the cult of GDP. For us economists, it’s yesterday’s yardstick
Good summary of what's missing from GDP. Includes stuff about companies moving their profits off-shore, and fact that it doesn't account for how value is distributed
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july 2018 by cloughgates
Glaeser (1999) 'Learning in Cities' (pdf)
NBER working paper version (1997) of something subsequently published in Journal of Urban Economics 46(2): 254-277
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june 2018 by cloughgates

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