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PayPal confirma sus planes en la Argentina y apunta contra los competidores locales - 17.11.2017 - LA NACION
La importante empresa de pagos electrónicos prevé instalarse en el país en los próximos 12 a 18 meses; por qué critica a Mercado Libre; cuál es su visión sobre el uso del bitcoin
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RT : To everyone working in and especially my sisters and brothers at , I wish you a good night’s…
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Learn how to generate $4.7 million in sales using video ads like this brand: by…
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The future of search is voice - Raconteur
Businesses are already experimenting with voice search. Supermarkets in particular have witnessed how voice search is changing consumer behaviour. The conversational capabilities of voice assistants mean that consumers are adding items to their baskets over the course of days, rather than doing their shopping all in one hit. With ComScore predicting 50% all searches will be voice activated by 2020, brands will have to consider how they ensure their product is the one that’s added to the basket.
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20 hours ago by dancall
The luxury brand guide to transitioning to direct-to-consumer | Glossy
In March, she hired Veronica Collins, a former Shopbop/Amazon exec, as president and COO. The two decided to transition the company to the direct-to-consumer model, aided by an investment by supermodel Cindy Crawford. The brand’s new business model went into effect on November 7. Flint’s styles are now sold for $200-$650, or 50 percent less than their former price.
Flint and Collins recapped what went into transitioning the brand from reliance on department stores to complete independence.
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20 hours ago by dancall
Why Calvin Klein is selling underwear exclusively on Amazon | Glossy
The brand announced it will now sell all of its underwear styles exclusively on the marketplace, opting to eschew its retail partners including Macy’s and Urban Outfitters, and build upon the existing sales momentum it maintains on the site. According to a report by L2, Calvin Klein not only ranks among the highest performing brands in Amazon’s men’s underwear category, but it also has several products on the e-commerce juggernaut’s best-seller list. While the brand has found success on the platform, other brands on the site are feeling the competition from Amazon’s private-label offerings, which continue to gain popularity.
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Alibaba Invests $2.88B in Latest China New Retail Alliance |
Alibaba Group said Monday it will invest HK$22.4 billion ($2.88 billion)  for a 36.16% stake in Sun Art Retail and provide technical guidance to the Chinese hypermarket operator as it digitizes its operations.

The investment further underscores the Hangzhou-based tech giant’s commitment to New Retail, an innovative business model that seamlessly blends online and offline shopping into an “omnichannel” consumer experience.

It’s also part of a three-way strategic alliance Alibaba is forming with two leading players in China’s retail sector–Auchan Retail and Ruentex Group. Through the deal, Alibaba will acquire its stake from Ruentex, whose Sun Art shareholding will decrease to 4.67%. Auchan will acquire shares and raise its stake to 36.18% in Sun Art upon the deal’s completion.
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Coca-Cola, Amazon offer personalized gift ideas via new Pinterest tool | Mobile Marketer
Pinterest launched its first-ever Secret Santa, a personalized gift-giving tool that allows users to find custom gift ideas for friends and family, the company announced in blog post. Brand partners for the tool include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coca-Cola, CVS and Universal Pictures.
The tool uses the Pinterest API to create custom idea boards based on what friends and family are saying on the social media platform. To find gifts for people who aren’t on Pinterest, users can find a persona, such as travelers or pet lovers, similar to the person they are shopping for.
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How Cainiao Set New Record Delivery Times for 11.11 |
These last-mile facilities, which were established in all Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in China, played a key role, said Wang. Alibaba leveraged its wealth of consumer insight to predict which products were likely going to be bestsellers in target areas. Goods were then shipped and stored in these locations early on, ensuring the fastest possible delivery times once shoppers clicked “buy” on Tmall or Taobao.

“Closing delivery distances alone can largely improve the consumer experience,” Wang said.
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The Minute for 11.23.17:
‘Stove Top's Stretchy Stuffing Pants for Thanksgiving’

If you're pl…
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Essential E-Commerce Lessons From Bob Dylan's Songbook
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