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Introducing more ways to shop on Instagram – Instagram
Now when you come across a must-have item, save it to your Shopping collection to revisit it later. When you tap a product tag in Stories or Feed, tap the Save icon in the bottom right corner to save it to your Shopping collection. Just like existing collections, you can access your Shopping collection from your profile. It’s an easy way to keep your wish list up-to-date and store creative gift ideas for the holidays.
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Instagram Adds New Ways To Discover Products |
In a company blog post, Instagram said the new ways to discover items come on the heels of its move in September to expand Shopping on Instagram with the rollout of stickers in Stories. With the stickers, users can learn more about a product. The company also announced Explore, a shopping channel that lets users shop from the brands they follow as well as find new brands.On  Thursday (November 15) Instagram added the ability to save to a new shopping collection which means if users come across a must-have item they can save it to their Shopping collection to revisit later. Users can also tap a product tag in Stories or Feed, tap the Save icon and save it to their Shopping collection. “Just like existing collections, you can access your Shopping collection from your profile. It’s an easy way to keep your wish list up-to-date and store creative gift ideas for the holidays,” Instagram said in the blog.

The second new feature is Shop on business profiles, which is a redesign of the Shop tab on business profiles so users can quickly view all the products featured in their shopping posts. When visiting a business profile, users tap on the Shop button to see product information such as the item name, price, and the post featuring the item. Users can also now shop in videos from the brands they follow. When a user sees a video in Feed from a brand they follow they can tap the shopping icon in the bottom left corner to reveal the featured products and learn more about them.
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New 11.11 GMV Record as Alibaba Ecosystem Goes All-In |
Another year, another gross merchandise volume record for Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival.
At the stroke of midnight, when the rolling counter stopped, 2018 GMV was RMB213.5 billion ($30.8 billion), 27% higher than last year’s RMB168.3 billion. As 11.11 wore on, milestones from the previous 10 years fell, one by one. Just after 4:00 p.m., it was a foregone conclusion that this year would be the biggest 11.11 ever – something Alibaba Group executives had promised heading into the shopping festival.
But as they took the stage to speak to media, while satisfied with the record GMV, abundantly clear was how proud they were that the digital ecosystem they’d crafted over the past several years performed as robustly as anyone could have hoped.
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GOAT sneaker shop kicks up AR, location-based marketing for Black Friday | Mobile Marketer
GOAT, the secondary marketplace for authenticated shoes, will add an augmented reality (AR) experience to its annual Black Friday raffle. The company is giving away more than 1,000 prizes including a $10,000 grand prize in credit toward future shoe purchases, according to a statement.
Participants can earn extra raffle tickets for visiting more than 125 points of interest that are significant to sneaker culture, such as "Sneaker Street" in Hong Kong and a location in Armenia where the oldest known leather shoe (5,500 years old) was discovered. App users will receive notifications when they're near a featured point and can then activate and share the AR objects on social media to redeem the bonus drawing entries.
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eBay’s AI algorithm can identify 40% of credit card fraud : Focus on good behaviour, rather than bad actors.
eBay scientists have published a report which says that it’s new AI algorithm can identify 40% of credit card fraud transactions with high precision. A significant finding for a sector which solely relies on technology for fraud detection.

As always there are two sides of the coin for any entity or method. In fraud detection also, the techniques and tools can either focus on good actors or bad actors. Till now it has been the former. Where the truth is that majority of transactions conducted are by good actors. So it was imperative to study the behaviour of good actors, in fact much more important than those of bad actors.

Hence eBay, rather than focusing on the changing patterns employed by bad actors to circumvent protective barriers, they decided to instead analyses instances of good behaviour.
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The Minute Podcast // 348:
Singles Day Tops $30 Billion

The annual 11.11 Chin…
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Nuki | Smart Locks - Keyless electronic door locks for smart access
At Nuki our mission is to make access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. We are thrilled to take on this challenge, because we believe in the power of mobile technology innovations to facilitate the daily life of you and me. We won’t stop until we’re there.

Nuki Smart lock featured on Kickstarter!

✓ Saves time
✓ Easy to install
✓ WiFi-Access.
✓ Turn your smartphone into a smart door key!
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Colour Management | Neil Barstow
Colour management is a process which enables users to better control image appearance, able to free users from the drudgery and stress of dealing with visual inconsistency in the imaging chain which can affect digital capture, display screens & printers as well as disappointing clients. I can help YOU with that.

Inconsistency can even get in the way of signing off on completed commissions. Continuity of appearance across various devices and media is the goal of good colour management.

25 years in advertising photography led me into a career as a colour management specialist. I first came across issues in the digital workflow when solving my own print problems, eventually working on this in collaboration with Pixl in Denmark. Now my scope of work has expanded to cover the whole colour management area.

Over the years I've worked with a wide range of those involved in digital imaging; from professional photographers, offset printers, artists, designers to students, beginners and retired hobbyists.
I have worked extensively with Christie's the Art auctioneers, helping to implement an end to end process to control colour, from image acquisition by digital or film and scan - via retouch and proof all the way to the offset press producing the catalogues.
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Electro Stocks | Líder nacional de distribución de material eléctrico
Grupo Electro Stocks, con más de 35 años de éxito, se fundó en 1981 en Barcelona. Desde entonces, se ha desarrollado hasta convertirse en líder nacional de la distribución de material eléctrico.

Desde sus inicios, Grupo Electro Stocks, se ha caracterizado por su cultura de servicio y orientación al cliente que le ha permitido año tras año aumentar su participación en el mercado de distribución de material eléctrico.

En la actualidad, mantiene una presencia amplia en toda la geografía española mediante sus dos enseñas comerciales (Electro-Stocks, Kilovatio Galicia y Fluid-Stocks), 1 centro logístico, 68 puntos de venta, 1 oficina central y un colectivo de más de 900 colaboradores que le permiten cubrir las necesidades de sus clientes en 30 provincias, representativas del 80% de la población.
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