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Alexa-equipped ecobee Switch+ with HomeKit now available for pre-order, ships March 26 - 9to5Mac
(As of March 2018—)
“In addition to built-in Alexa and HomeKit integration, Switch+ works with Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, and IFTTT as well. Compared to more traditional smart switches from companies like Lutron and Leviton, Switch+ carriers a heftier price tag, but touts a built-in mic and speaker to drive the Alexa experience.

“Switch+ is also packed with more technology that lets you detect presence with motion sensors and automate light control with daylight sensors in a single device. For control in the dark, Switch+ includes a built-in ambient night-light as well.”
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december 2018 by handcoding
Recalibrate humidity sensor? : ecobee
Info on how to adjust the humidity readings on an Ecobee. Once I get an accurate calibration on one I'll see how much we need to adjust by. Hopefully its within the 10% or so that it can be adjusted! (I should also seal up the hole behind it with some plumbers putty)
ecobee  humidistat  hygrometer  calibration 
december 2018 by Brandonshire
The Best Smart Thermostat: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
[Points for the Nest:]
“As part of that visual difference, the third generation [Nest] offers a feature called Farsight. The Nest E and previous Nest models light up when they sense you are in front of them, but this model can illuminate when you are farther away, such as when you enter the room. It’s nice to be able to see the temperature from across the room, but by no means a necessity. The best feature of Farsight, we think, is the capability to choose what the screen displays when it’s not in use: You can opt for temperature, weather, or time (using a digital or analog clock face), which you can’t do on other Nests. The third generation’s display also turns red when its heating and blue when its cooling, giving you a clear visual cue of what your system is doing no matter where you are in the room.”

[Points for the Ecobee:]
“The Ecobee4 manages your home’s climate using its built-in sensor and any remote sensors you add (it comes with one); together the sensors allow the thermostat to monitor two or more areas in one zone (it cannot manage two zones). This arrangement promises to help fix the age-old heating and cooling problem where one room is toasty and warm while another feels like a refrigerator (or vice versa in the summer). Ecobee’s remote sensors are better than Nest’s because they are also motion sensors, so the thermostat can follow you through your house, focusing its efforts on the room you’re in just by your being there, no need for you to do anything.”
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october 2018 by handcoding
The Best Smart Thermostat: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
“A C wire is the common wire that supplies AC power from your furnace to the thermostat to power the screen, among other things. Some thermostats, including Nest models, can work in the absence of a C wire, instead charging by stealing power from other wires. However, that can cause serious side effects, according to HVAC contractor Bronson Shavitz. He told us that old-school furnaces are generally resilient enough to provide power for devices such as the Nest and the Lyric, but that the high-tech circuit boards on newer furnace models can be more prone to failure when they’re under stress from the tricks these devices use to charge themselves without a common wire.”
thermostats  wirecutter  nest  ecobee  reviews  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Ecobee Switch+ Review & Rating |
The Switch+ is more than just a smart wall switch that connects to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled using a mobile app: It can do everything an Amazon Echo does, such as tell you the current news, weather and sports scores, play music, and control other smart home devices. It also works with Apple's HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT applets, and the SmartThings hub, and it will eventually double as a remote room sensor for an Ecobee thermostat.
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march 2018 by jasonsamuels

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