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QuickJS Javascript Engine
QuickJS is a small and embeddable Javascript engine. It supports the ES2019 specification including modules, asynchronous generators and proxies.
javascript  engine  ecmascript  quickjs 
2 days ago by floehopper
A Metaphorical Introduction to Functional JavaScript
Functional JavaScript isn't a tool, framework, 3rd-party addon, npm module, or anything else you'd add on. Functional Programming is an approach for writing code, and Functional JavaScript (FJS) is how to use that approach for JavaScript.
programming  javascript  ecmascript  web-development 
19 days ago by obxdesignworks
tc39/proposal-top-level-await: top-level `await` proposal for ECMAScript (stage 3)
top-level `await` proposal for ECMAScript (stage 3) - tc39/proposal-top-level-await
ecmascript  async  await  javascript  standards  proposal 
5 weeks ago by orlin
Pika - Search npm for fast, modern packages.
Search npm for fast, small, and modern web packages.Our catalog only includes packages that are built with modern ESM syntax and a package.json 'module' entrypoint.
npm  javascript  search  es6  modules  ecmascript  mjs  esm 
11 weeks ago by jonrandy

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