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Legal Legacies: Milestones In Satellite History - From our Archive - Via Satellite -
Communications Satellite Act
Domestic Satellites - "Open Skies"
Earth Stations
Reduced Orbital Spacing
The Transponder Sales Decision
Separate (from Intelsat) Systems
Satellite Radio
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FCC Denies EchoStar Request for Co-primary Geostationary Orbit Ka-band Designation | TvTechnology
"The FCC's International Bureau last week denied a Petition for Rulemaking filed by EchoStar Satellite Corporation requesting the commission modify its Ka-band plan to permit geostationary satellite orbit (GSO) fixed satellite service (FSS) operations on a co-primary basis in the 18.8-19.3 GHz and 28.6-29.1 GHz bands designated for non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) FSS. EchoStar's petition received support from SES AMERICOM, Hughes Electronics Corporation, and Hughes Network Systems, which supported EchoStar's assertion that the spectrum is lying fallow and co-primary use could lead to the introduction of additional and innovative services."
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Meet The World’s Most Advanced Telecom Satellite | Connected Aerospace content from Aviation Week
"ViaSat-1 was a technical marvel when it entered service over North America five years ago, with 10 times the capacity of any Ka-band satellite previously launched. But its beams filled up quickly. Boeing-built ViaSat-2, which was supposed to launch from Kourou on April 25, will have a throughput of 300 Gbps, offering more than double the capacity and seven times the coverage area of ViaSat-1. ... And as it prepares for the $600 million ViaSat-2 to come online later this year, the company already has embarked on an ambitious development of ViaSat-3, a family of three 1,000-Gbps satellites aimed at taking its network global by the early 2020s."

"EchoStar’s HughesNet, a competing satellite-based broadband service, serves more than one million households. Its network capacity more than doubled with the December 2016 launch of EchoStar XIX—now the world’s highest-capacity satellite—on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V. While Viasat-2 will have even more capacity, its rival has a head start of six months. "

"the OneWeb startup is aiming to provide internet access to rural areas and the developing world via a constellation of 648 small satellites. "
AviationWeek  satellite  ViaSat  EchoStar  OneWeb 
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US "spectrum pipeline" needed to fuel future wireless services — PolicyTracker - Apr 2017
Notice of House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing
Metaphor: "spectrum pipeline"

"Satellites, like terrestrial wireless systems, can increase capacity by accessing additional spectrum but Congress and the FCC must "follow the long-established principle of technological neutrality," EchoStar Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Jennifer Manner said."
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T-Mobile: AT&T/EchoStar proposal threatens success of terrestrial use at 28 GHz - FierceWirelessTech May 2016
"T-Mobile argues that satellite operators should have no primary rights to use the 28 GHz band, whether inside or outside the urban core, unless they obtain those rights through auction or the secondary market. Satellite operators have never had rights to use the spectrum on a primary basis and could not have had a reasonable expectation that they would secure those rights in the future."
"T-Mobile supports a different proposal – one put forth by CTIA – that would allow existing satellite licensees, wherever located, "operation rights" on a secondary basis."
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EchoStar Acquires Assets of Move Networks, Leader in Adaptive Streaming for Over-the-Top Video Solutions
"We're pleased to bring aboard the talents and proficiencies in adaptive streaming and IPTV from Move Networks which will enable us to expand our portfolio of advanced television technologies serving cable, satellite, telcos and IPTV video providers," said Mike Dugan, president and CEO of  EchoStar Corporation. "TV providers are increasingly demanding the highest quality video delivery over normal Internet connections, and Move Network's patent portfolio and proven customer experience allow us to give clients the core technology necessary to stream live and video-on-demand content," said Roger Lynch, executive vice president of EchoStar Advanced Technologies L.L.C.
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