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Miscellaneous software
Here you can download some small programs I wrote for my personal use. Some of them may be useful to others. When you have useful additions, you can always try mailing me a patch, but I won't guarantee the file on the site will be updated.
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8 weeks ago by mwishek
Life of RPi, using svxlink as Echolink node in RPi | VR2XKP's blog
With nice diagrams showing the different installation modes (client, repeater ...)
echolink  svxlink  Raspberry-pi 
september 2015 by InvertedX
SvxLink / Mailing Lists
Names of Alsa devices - plughw:0, hw:0, or default
echolink  alsa 
september 2015 by InvertedX
TechLink Home
Amateur Radio | VE7KI | VE7KIU
amateur  radio  ham  nets  echolink 
june 2015 by mwishek
CQiNet | Free Communications software downloads at
Voice over IP (VoIP) software specifically for ham radio operators. The primary purpose is to use the Internet to link Ham repeaters with a secondary purpose of providing remote access for users. Compatibility with EchoLink and IRLP is a goal.
software  hamradio  voip  roip  radio  echolink  irlp  thebridge 
december 2013 by MattJhsn
W5TXR Electronic Labs - W5TXR Labs Echolink Interface
5TXR Electronic Labs
Echolink Multimode Interface
$95 Assembled
W5TXR  Echolink  Multimode  Interface  hardware  ham  radio  RoIP 
october 2013 by MattJhsn

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