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"LectureTools Acquired by Echo360 11/7/2012 We are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with the Echo360 team. This will allow us to move towards our ultimate vision of an active learning platform that enables students to engage and participate before, during, and after class. Current accounts will not be affected, as LectureTools will continue as a standalone product. We are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with the Echo360 team. This will allow us to move towards our ultimate vision of an active learning platform that enables students to engage and participate before, during, and after class. Current accounts will not be affected, as LectureTools will continue as a standalone product. Learn More LectureTools Releases New Student iPad App LectureTools for iPad allows students to relay feedback to their instructor in real-time during lecture. Responses to in-class activities, questions posed to the instructor, and notes are immediately synced with...
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june 2013 by maw
Teaching tips for winter. | TLDU @ University of Sussex 8/1/13
Bad weather and illness have the potential to disrupt teaching and learning during the winter months. If you and / or your students are unable to attend face-to-face sessions there are things you can do to reduce the disruption to the module. Here are some examples of off-campus teaching and learning options.
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january 2013 by SussexTLDU
AJET 25(4) von Konsky, Ivins and Gribble (2009) Lecture attendance and web based lecture technologies: A comparison of student perceptions and usage patterns
This paper investigates the impact of web based lecture recordings on learning and attendance at lectures. Student opinions regarding the perceived value of the recordings were evaluated in the context of usage patterns and final marks, and compared with attendance data and student perceptions regarding the usefulness of lectures....
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october 2012 by SussexTLDU
Making lecture capture personal. | TLDU @ University of Sussex 30/1/12
Students have welcomed the ability to use lecture recordings as a resource to support their learning so colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Development Unit (TLDU) have been exploring other ways in which this technology could be used. In the 2010-11 academic year, John Davies and Clare Hardman from TLDU worked with academic staff from a range of disciplines at Sussex to explore the diverse ways in which Echo360 personal capture (PCAP), which can be installed on any computer, can be used to create recordings (screencasts) to support student learning.
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may 2012 by SussexTLDU
EchoSystem | Echo360
Create learning on-demand with the EchoSystem. It’s the industry-leading platform that automatically, affordably, and reliably scales blended learning and lecture capture initiatives for higher education.
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february 2011 by hansmestrum
RUSTLE No.8 Autumn 2010
Contents: Helping International Students Write for US; A Different Look at Internationalisation; Top Teaching Tips; The Student Voice; Library Support for Researchers; Turnitin at Sussex; Skillclouds for All; AHEA Successes; Echo 360 Personal Capture; Better Writing with the RLF; The AT Team; Conference News and Resources; The Subject-Specifics of Teaching; Forthcoming External Events; Happy Birthday to the Doctoral School; Really Useful Web Links; Getting Teaching into Print; New Resources from the TLDU; TLD Events for the Autumn Term
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october 2010 by SussexTLDU
Echo 360 at Sussex
The University has installed the Echo360 lecture capture system in nine teaching rooms on campus. Echo360 records a teaching session in a variety of different formats including synchronised visuals (e.g. PowerPoint slides) and audio (voice). Staff can also choose whether they wish to include a video of themselves.
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september 2010 by SussexTLDU
RUSTLE No. 5 Spring 2010
CONTENTS: Change partners: mixing it up in group work; New Fellows of the HEA; Teaching Tips; Getting a new perspective on teaching; Peer Assisted Learning; Sussex Stars - Duncan Mackrill; Thank you A A Milne (RLF); Podcasting- answering the big questions; Capturing your lectures with Echo360; Introducing the Subject Centres - History; Question Banks; Students build a learning community in Physics; New School Societies; TLD Events
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august 2010 by SussexTLDU
Technology Hands-on Drop-in
An informal opportunity to pop in to TLDU and have a go at a selection of learning technologies with help at hand. You can select from: Echo 360 lecture and personal capture; Personal Response clickers; interactive whiteboards; Livescribe pen; flip cameras and Study Direct.
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august 2010 by TLDevents
Play it Again: Lecture or Personal Capture with Echo360
Echo360 is now available in a number of teaching rooms on campus. The system records a teaching session (video of tutor, slides and audio) and converts it into a podcast or video for anytime, anywhere playback. During this one-hour session, we will demonstrate how to use Echo360 and consider some of the possible benefits to students in being able to revisit teaching sessions in their own time.
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august 2010 by TLDevents
ALT-ViE-Special Interest Group
Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for the internet, with low cost webcams, video cameras and video-enabled mobile devices combining with Web 2.0 applications to enable rapid sharing of video content. Video has long been used by the Open University and other universities for the delivery of teaching and learning materials for distance learning courses.
Now all HEIs have the potential to deliver video content over the web, but there are pedagogical/ technical /legal/ accessibility issues to be addressed, from capture through to delivery, and choices to be made in terms of which approaches and technologies to adopt.
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july 2010 by SussexTLDU
100+ ideas for Podcasting - PPP
These ideas/examples have been developed over the last year or so, there may be some repetition - please feel free to edit/comment/expand..
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july 2010 by SussexTLDU

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