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Vital Scout : wearable wireless ECG monitoring system
Vital Scout is a wearable patch that continuously measures stress and recovery levels 24 hours-a-day even while sleeping.
Based on high quality ECG sensors and heart rate variability (HRV), Vital Scout offers detailed views
of how daily activities impact your well-being.
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8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
SparkFun Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor - AD8232 - SEN-12650 - SparkFun Electronics
The AD8232 SparkFun Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor is a cost-effective board used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity can be charted as an ECG or Electrocardiogram and output as an analog reading. ECGs can be extremely noisy, the AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor acts as an op amp to help obtain a clear signal from the PR and QT Intervals easily.
sparkfun  ecg  diy  heart  medical  health 
april 2019 by cyberchucktx
openelectronicslab/OpenHardwareExG @ GitHub
The main goal of the project is to build a device that allows the creation of electrophysiologic signal processing applications. The OpenHardwareExG is a platform for ECG, EEG, EMG, ENG, EOG, and evoked potential applications.
openhardware  sumi  medical  eeg  ecg  emg  eng  eog  diy  arduino  embedded  sensors  opensoftware 
april 2019 by cyberchucktx
An Open Hardware Platform for ECG, EEG and Other Measurements | Hackaday
[Eric] tipped us about the OpenHarwareExG project which goal is to build a device that allows the creation of electrophysiological signal processing applications. By the latter they mean electrocardiography (ECG, activity of the heart), electroencephalography (EEG, signals on the scalp), electromyography (EMG, skeletal muscles activity), electronystagmography and electrooculography (ENG & EOG, eye movements) monitoring projects. As you can guess these signals are particularly hard to measure due to their small amplitude and therefore susceptibility to electrical noise.
opensource  openhardware  sensors  medical  eeg  ecg  emg  eng  eog  diy 
april 2019 by cyberchucktx

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