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Flirting with Schism | Commonweal Magazine
Flirting with Schism
The Right-Wing Effort to Delegitimize Pope Francis
By Massimo Faggioli
September 6, 2018

"Certainly this generation of U.S. bishops is no longer up to the job. The lower clergy and lay men and women in positions of leadership—from parents to school teachers to liturgical ministers—will be tested very intensely over the next few months. Can they still talk with the other kind of Catholic, and teach others to do the same?"
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september 2018 by benjekman
File:Göttinger Sakramentar fol. 111r.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Deutsch: Göttinger Sakramentar (Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, 2 cod. Ms. theol. 231 Cim.), fol. 111r. Fuldaer Buchmalerei um 975. Allerheiligenbild
Date circa 975
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may 2018 by benjekman
The Mother of God and Psychoanalysis | Church Life Journal
What, I wonder, does the “maternal sense of the Church” really mean? Here, naturally, my mind turned to post-Freudian psychologist D.W. Winnicott, whose research did so much to advance our understanding of the mother-child dyad and its profound and far-reaching impact on shaping human desires for good or ill.
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may 2018 by benjekman

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