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AWS 'Reserved Instances' explained in plain English
It's *purely* a billing scheme: pay a fixed monthly fee for a proportional discount to the per-hour price of your <instance-type,availability-zone>.

Whether the instance already exists, or has yet to be created, is of no consequence. All that changes is the price you end up paying.

Also ,
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yesterday by MaxBarraclough
How I Just Saved $5,500 on my EC2 Bill in 5 Minutes by Switching to a Reserved Instance
about how it's a *billing* scheme applied over ordinary instances, it does *not* introduce a new kind of instance that must be created differently from usual. Curiously Amazon fail to make this clear in their articles and videos.
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2 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Self-Terminating AWS EC2 Instances
$ echo '#!/bin/sh' >
$ echo 'echo "halt" | at now + 55 min' >>
$ echo 'echo per-boot: `date` >> /tmp/per-boot.txt' >>
$ chmod +x
$ sudo chown -R root
$ sudo mv -viu /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot
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5 days ago by jkeyes
launching mssql-cli for local work on an EC2 instance
mssql-cli -U "EC2AMAZ-QQQQQQQ\Administrator" -E

or just

mssql-cli -U -E

Doesn't format well in PowerShell - use good old cmd
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5 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Uploading EC2 Logs to S3 on Shutdown
If you’ve ever used an auto scaling group (ASG) on AWS, you’ve probably had an EC2 instance fail and get removed from the ASG.
While great for redundancy (the ASG launches a new instance to start handling requests), it makes debugging the failure difficult since the ASG terminates the bad instance, erasing any evidence of what went wrong.
Below, I present a script that will upload relevant files to S3 after an instance is triggered to shutdown but before it terminates.

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7 days ago by geetarista

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