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“때로는 다른 사람 말을 들을 필요 없어.네 자신을 들어야 해.” 탄광소년, 로켓보이가 되다 🚀 영화 < #옥토버스카이 > #제이크질렌할 #명작영화 #좋은영화 #주말의명화
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5 weeks ago by dalcrose
Functions - AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Use intrinsic functions to populate values in your configuration files.
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9 weeks ago by katnegermis
Platform Hooks - AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk uses a standardized directory structure for hooks. These are scripts that are run during lifecycle events and in response to management operations: when instances in your environment are launched, or when a user initiates a deployment or uses the restart application server feature.
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9 weeks ago by katnegermis
Customizing Software on Linux Servers - AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Include a configuration file to customize the software that your Elastic Beanstalk application depends on in your EC2 instances running Linux.
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9 weeks ago by katnegermis
Autoresize EBS root volume for AWS AMIs | Elastic
/sbin/parted ---pretend-input-tty /dev/xvda resizepart 1 yes 100%
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10 weeks ago by knokio
Detecting AWS EBS performance issues with Datadog | Datadog
A sustained increase of VolumeQueueLength way above 1 on a standard EBS volume should be treated as exhausting the throughput of that EBS volume. A sustained increase of the same metric way above the number of provisioned IOPS/100 should be treated as maxing out the throughput of that EBS volume. In the image below there are two distinct cases where queue length is significantly above 1 for extended periods of time. Both indicate periods when the EBS volume’s throughput was maxed out.
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