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Bibliothèque +/- légale d'ebooks académiques
yesterday by marlened
UFDC Home - Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
Includes a bunch of free e-book versions of historical children's books.
history  reading  books  ebooks  download 
4 days ago by Theatro
apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools: DeDRM tools for ebooks
This is a repository of all the scripts and other tools for removing DRM from ebooks that I could find, committed in date order as best as I could manage. (Except for the Requiem tools for Apple's iBooks, and Convert LIT for Microsoft's .lit ebooks.)
drm  tools  download  ebooks 
4 days ago by torben
lectulandia - epub y pdf gratis en español | libros ebooks
En lectulandia encontraras una de las mayores colecciones de libros en formato epub y pdf en descarga directa.
eBooks  ES  Free 
5 days ago by abetancort
How To Organize A Kindle Library - Whole Life Productivity
I struggled with the massive Kindle library until I figured out a collection scheme that worked for me and developed workflows around it.
kindle  ebooks 
8 days ago by andyhuey
Google: A Collection of Best Practices for Production Services
This excerpt— Appendix B - A Collection of Best Practices for Production Services &am...
This excerpt— Appendix B - A Collection of Best Practices for Production Services &am...
bestpractices  devops  sysadmin  sre  guide  handbook    reference  ebooks  server 
8 days ago by michaelfox
Editing in Word, 2nd Edition by Adrienne Montgomerie (eBook) - Lulu
“Editing in Word 2016 is a self-study course for line editors, copyeditors and communications professionals using MS Word 2016 (365) on Mac or Windows. It helps you be more efficient and effective when collaborating on documents, and gets Word to do the heavy lifting for a change. — Integral to this self-study guide are the 24 demo videos and 24 self-check exercises as well as the support website”
(via: https://twitter.com/sciEditor/status/986612064474095616)
editing  word  copyediting  2018  sciEditor  ebooks 
8 days ago by handcoding

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