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Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation
This book describes pbrt, a physically based rendering system based on the ray-tracing algorithm. Most computer graphics books present algorithms and theory, sometimes combined with snippets of code. In contrast, this book couples the theory with a complete implementation of a fully functional rendering system. The full source code to the system is available under the BSD license. Further information, including example scenes and a collection of data for rendering can be found on the pbrt Web site, pbrt.org.
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2 days ago by callthepolice
Static Site Generators: Modern Tools for Static Website Development
Primer for people new to static site generators. Free O'Reilly ebook.

Author Brian Rinaldi also maintains a static site samples repository on GitHub showing samples using various engines. https://github.com/remotesynth/Static-Site-Samples
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3 days ago by Psammead
RT : Here's the latest on how we're working to maximize access to : . Want to learn more?…
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Untitled (https://dp.la/news/an-update-on-our-ebooks-initiatives)
RT : Here's the latest on how we're working to maximize access to : . Want to learn more?…
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5 days ago by jubois
Neither Paper Nor Digital Does Active Reading Well
The cognitive effort to actively and intelligently read a text in depth is, if not equal to, then on the same order of magnitude as the effort to write about a complex subject.
But we only have full-featured tools to help us with writing.
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7 days ago by carlesbellver

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