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From bootloader to kernel · Linux Inside
A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.
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6 hours ago by bjorndown
区块链技术指南 · GitBook
blockchain_guide: A book to introduce blockchain technologies, including the key techniques, algorithms, usage scenarios, and projects.
yesterday by yee
Public libraries lend record numbers of eBooks and audiobooks in 2017 - Rakuten OverDrive
Key factors that influenced libraries’ digital growth in 2017:

eBook and audiobook catalog growth and curation. OverDrive’s catalog for libraries reached record levels, topping 4 million titles in more than 100 languages. In addition, libraries continue to engage more readers with curated lists and personalized recommendations.

The launch of the “one-tap reading app,” Libby. The wide release in 2017 of OverDrive’s completely new app offers the fastest and easiest way to borrow digital content from libraries. With Libby, readers are always one tap away from the library, their bookshelf and the eBook or audiobook they’re reading.

The 2017 Digital Bookmobile tour. This popular traveling exhibit re-launched in early 2017 with a new experience inviting readers to discover – or rediscover – their public library. Traveling across North America, the Digital Bookmobile hosted 69 events in 63 states. The 2018 tour is set to launch Feb. 5.

Increase in young readers. Libraries continued to reach new audiences with their OverDrive platform, as juvenile and young adult eBooks and audiobooks — including the industry’s first digital Read-Alongs (synchronized eBook with audio narration audio) — enjoyed record-setting checkouts (+9 percent over 2016).
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2 days ago by sentinelle
Contribute to Rxjs5-Ultimate development by creating an account on GitHub.
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3 days ago by jimthedev

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