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Decathlon Moves E-Bike Production to Europe
LILLE, France – E-bikes are still small within the total bicycle sales of Decathlon, the sporting goods retail giant. And the production of electric bicycles is still being done in China. That’s going to move to Europe by 2019 which is partly due to the threat of anti-dumping duties. via Pocket
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yesterday by hansdorsch
Dropout width, 165mm vs 155mm for cromotor? MXUS 3000? - Endless Sphere
hould I consider going smaller like 155? With my 165mm dropouts on my bike now, I need to use spacers with the cromotor.

I may use a Mxus 3000 hubmotor in the future and wondering if the 165mm may be too large and cause any drawbacks?

One other thing is I only use a single speed freewheel so I don't need any extra room for a cassette in the dropouts.
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2 days ago by huntar
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Sie befinden sich hier: Velobiz. via Pocket
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10 weeks ago by fahrradio
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Sie befinden sich hier: Velobiz. via Pocket
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10 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Care And Feeding For Your New BBS02
Your BBS02 will give you years of service and love if it is treated properly. The BBS02 loves to eat Watts, but not too many and not too fast. The Pedal Assist system even at its highest setting will only put out around 750 Watts which the BBS02 can eat all day long without overheating or causing problems. The real problems happen when using the throttle at higher power levels.
I wrote this article at the request of Eric the owner of electricbike.com and Luna Cycles to include with new BBS02 units he shipped to customers. I am publishing it here because I want everyone to be able to enjoy this article, not just people who purchased a 750W BBS02 from Eric.
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10 weeks ago by rdump

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