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Halfords UK Expects Huge Increase in E-Bike Sales
REDDITCH, UK – Based on company data, population, car registration figures and the latest market statistics, Halfords UK expects that some 1.5 million e-bikes will be sold by 2050 in Great Britain. This outlook was published in a blog last week by Halfords. via Pocket
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4 days ago by hansdorsch
Congrats to Jeff on his new Zero S !

After moving to from Florida, he had used an to…
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5 days ago by briantrice
RT : Ich brauche Eure Hilfe (pls RT!) bei Suche. Nachdem ich gestern und heute mehrer Stunden im Laden verbracht…
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7 days ago by tmmd
First look: Cowboy proves the e-bikes with removable batteries can be beautiful - The Verge
This is Cowboy, the best looking pedal-assisted electric bike with a removable battery that I’ve ever seen. And that’s not just my opinion, either.

While shooting the photograph above, several Amsterdamers stopped to ask me about the bike. That’s remarkable for a bicycle culture as diverse and sophisticated as Holland’s. A passing VanMoof S2 owner even stopped after taking notice. “Wanna trade?” he asked with a sly smile. That’s high praise from someone who rides what might be the most attractive electrified urban commuter in the world.
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7 days ago by markogara
eBike touring video | Electric Bike Forum - Q&A, Help, Reviews and Maintenance
Here's one for the class that's a lot of fun. This guy did a hell of a good job!
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10 days ago by timothyarnold
Can e-bike batteries be charged with solar panels? | Electric Bike Forum - Q&A, Help, Reviews and Maintenance
Has anyone tried to charge e-bike batteries with portable solar chargers? I am thinking in the context of extending one's range for camping/fishing multiday...
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10 days ago by timothyarnold
60 Minutes investigates hidden motors and pro cycling - CBS News
The following script is from “Enhancing the Bike,” which aired on Jan. 29, 2017. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. Michael Rey and Oriana Zill de Granados, producers. via Pocket
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10 days ago by hansdorsch
New electric bike jolts cycling world | The Star
At first glance, the sleek racing bike doesn’t look out of place in one of Toronto’s oldest high-end cycling stores. But, on closer examination, there’s something a little odd about the water bottle. via Pocket
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10 days ago by hansdorsch

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