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Bay crazy
Sito per compravendite con varie offerte
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yesterday by gilles9999
After years of moving programmatic and creative work in-house, is thinking about reversing course.…
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12 days ago by WeRank
7 tips and tricks to dominate eBay search
Adding quotation marks to a word or phrase, such as "blue sweater," will turn up results that only have that specific phrase.

If you search for blue (sweater,jumper) then the parentheses will mean your results will include items that have either the word sweater or jumper in the title.

Adding a minus sign immediately before a word (with no space) acts as a "not operator," so searching for blue jumper -wool will ignore any listings that specify wool in the title.
12 days ago by foliovision
Netflix has abandoned OData – does the standard have a future without an ecosystem?
Netflix have closed their OData catalogue and EBay seem to have quietly put their implementation out to grass. With a shrinking ecosystem and no marquee services, does Microsoft’s data standard have a future?
ben_morris  software_architecture  netflix  ebay  odata  netapinotes  microsoft 
12 days ago by mreinbold
How do I report an eBay user that is obviously a scammer?
eBay doesn't give a shit unless a transaction has taken place. You can't report a bidder. All you can do is to forward the email with their message to spoof@ebay.com.
eBay  WTF  stupid  policy 
15 days ago by dandv
The untold origin story of eBay that I lived, and the times that could have killed it - Cake
Why General Magic attracted fascinating people // also this quote: "In the small world department, both our companies were growing fast and we needed industrial-strength Internet. So we both rented space at Best Internet, where they had chicken-wire cages for our servers. We brought our own padlocks for the latches and set our servers on the concrete floor. The first three cages were filled with AuctionWeb’s Sun server on the right, Fatbrain’s in the middle, and one from a startup called Hotmail on the left. We saw each other when our servers needed work, which was often."
pierreomidyar  generalmagic  chrismacaskill  cake  oralhistory  ebay  usenet  bestinternet  cage  rack  servers 
18 days ago by danhon
xkcd: Packages
Day six: 'The hell? Who mails a bobcat?'
mail  post  packaging  Ebay  XKCD 
20 days ago by andreasbuzzing

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