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Spread the word! We re-open on April 2nd and have a fantastic event for children coming up. 😀
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Ordering Box Hill Crab Cakes for Easter Sunday
Crab cakes make a great addition to any Easter feast, and Box Hill makes your holidays stress-free by delivering crab crakes right to your front door. We also have an extensive catering menu with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for parties of all sizes!
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All About Colomba, The Italian Easter Cake
La Colomba di Pasqua, or “the Easter dove,” is a sweet Italian cake that is served on Easter and represents the start of spring. Giolitti Deli will start selling Colomba this week up until Easter, as supplies last. Read on to learn more about the delicious Italian Easter cake!
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Sweet Treats for Easter
Easter candies are simply delicious, and whether you’re a fan of the classic chocolate Easter bunny or you prefer chocolate butter cream eggs, you’ll find something at Wockenfuss that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Celebrate this in style with Limited Edition Easter collection now available at…
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From the Tablet: Why is Ash Wednesday So Late This Year? - The Catholic Astronomer
Why is Ash Wednesday so late this year?
Contrary to popular conception, the Vatican Observatory doesn’t set the date of Easter. (We don’t cast horoscopes for the Pope, or evangelize UFOs, either.) But since Pope Gregory’s reform of the calendar in 1582 marked the beginning of the Vatican’s support for astronomy, we have a historical connection.
Our calendars have always been marked by a confusion of days, planets, and gods. Even today, our week begins with the Sun’s day, followed by the Moon’s day and ending with Saturn’s Day. The month (think, “moonth”) was originally based on the 29.5 day period of the Moon, while the year is fixed by the Sun’s apparent motion through the zodiac. If your culture is centered on animals — fishing, hunting, caring for flocks at night — moonlight and tides will control your life and your calendar will follow the Moon. If you grow crops, then seasons are more important, and a solar calendar makes more sense.
The Jewish calendar, including such festivals as Passover, is lunar; the civil calendar of Rome, set by Julius Caesar, is solar. The Church’s calendar is a holy marriage of both. Thus, most saints' days are fixed into the yearly calendar, like Christmas; but Easter was set by the Council of Nicaea as the first Sunday after Passover.
By medieval times, our astronomy had advanced to the point where it it should have been possible to calculate when those lunar holy days would occur. But in practice, such calculations turned out to be surprisingly difficult.
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In case you're already thinking of Easter. will be here for you
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