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Second‐order analysis of marked inhomogeneous spatiotemporal point processes: Applications to earthquake data - Iftimi - - Scandinavian Journal of Statistics - Wiley Online Library
"To analyze interactions in marked spatiotemporal point processes (MSTPPs), we introduce marked second‐order reduced moment measures and K‐functions for inhomogeneous second‐order intensity‐reweighted stationary MSTPPs. These summary statistics, which allow us to quantify dependence between different mark‐based classifications of points, depend on the specific mark space and mark reference measure chosen. Unbiased and consistent minus‐sampling estimators are derived for all statistics considered, and a test for random labeling is indicated. In addition, we treat Voronoi intensity estimators for MSTPPs. These new statistics are finally employed to analyze an Andaman Sea earthquake data set."
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The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest | The New Yorker
"At approximately nine o’ clock at night on January 26, 1700, a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific Northwest, causing sudden land subsidence, drowning coastal forests, and, out in the ocean, lifting up a wave half the length of a continent."


"The Pacific Northwest has no early-warning system. When the Cascadia earthquake begins, there will be, instead, a cacophony of barking dogs and a long, suspended, what-was-that moment before the surface waves arrive."
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Your garage or basement could help UW scientists study earthquakes | KING 5
UW is looking for volunteers with garages and basements all around Puget Sound to help scientists study earthquakes. Alex Hutko, a research scientist with the UW's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is quoted.
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Researchers want to understand the 'bathtub'-like quakes in Seattle — and they need your help |
Researchers in the Pacific Northwest are constantly looking for new ways to understand earthquakes, especially as "The Big One" continues to loom over us. And now, they're looking for your help. Research by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington is referenced.  !UWitM  2019  PNSN  earthquakes  College:Environment  regl 
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UW to study how earthquake shaking could be amplified in Seattle, Tacoma | KING 5
Researchers with the University of Washington will soon embark on a citizen-based seismic study, and they’re looking for participants in the Puget Sound area to host data instruments.
KING  !UWitM  regl  2019  PNSN  College:Environment  earthquakes 
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UW seeks Seattle volunteers to host earthquake detectors at their homes |
The University of Washington is looking for citizens volunteers to open their doors to mini seismic stations for about three to six weeks, in order to measure how the Puget Sound basin amplifies shaking from a large earthquake. Alex Hutko, a research scientist with the UW's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is quoted.
Hutko.Alex  PNSN  earthquakes  !UWitM  2019  KIRO  regl  College:Environment 
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Scientists looking for places to house earthquake equipment | KOMO
UW seismologists are working to place equipment at various locations around Seattle, including homes. Alex Hutko, a research seismologist at the UW's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is quoted.
Hutko.Alex  !UWitM  PNSN  earthquakes  2019  regl  KOMO  College:Environment 
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Volunteers asked to give up a little floorspace in Seattle to help scientists better map seismic data | GeekWire
Researchers with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network are looking for volunteers to help scientists better understand and map the Seattle Basin, a roughly 4-mile-deep area filled with soil and soft rock that makes the urban core especially vulnerable to seismic shaking. Paul Bodin, a research professor of Earth and space sciences, is quoted.
Bodin.Paul  !UWitM  2019  GeekWire  regl  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment  PNSN  earthquakes 
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Japanese drill ship fails to reach the earthquake-generating zone | Nature
Japan’s flagship ocean-drilling research vessel, Chikyu, has drilled deeper into the ocean floor than ever before. But it failed to achieve its ultimate goal of penetrating 5,200 metres beneath the sea floor, into the realm where two tectonic plates meet and cause enormous earthquakes. Harold Tobin, director of the UW-based Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is quoted.
Tobin.Harold  !UWitM  2019  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment  PNSN  earthquakes  natl  Nature 
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Series of small earthquakes detected in Washington and Oregon | The Seattle Times
At least 13 small earthquakes have been recorded over the past two days in Oregon and Washington. Ken Creager, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Creager.Ken  !UWitM  2019  regl  Seattle.Times  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment  earthquakes  PNSN 
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3.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Washington coast amid string of tremors |
A 3.4-magnitude earthquake struck the Washington coast near Ocean Shores early Tuesday morning. Paul Bodin, network manager at the UW's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, is quoted.
Bodin.Paul  !UWitM  2019  regl  PNSN  earthquakes  KIRO  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences 
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UW experts talk about volcano research on Mount St. Helens anniversary | Q13 FOX News
Experts from the University of Washington, Harold Tobin and Steven Malone, give an in-depth look about today's volcanic research and monitoring on the day Mount St. Helens erupted 39 years ago.
Q13  !UWitM  2019  regl  earthquakes  Malone.Steve  PNSN  Tobin.Harold  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences 
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New study finds Seattle is even less prepared for mega quakes than previously thought | The Stranger
Scientists have found that the shaking likely to be generated by a big earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone is worse than previously thought — and Seattle's current building codes aren't equipped to handle it. Nasser Marafi, a postdoctoral research in civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Marafi.Nasser  The.Stranger  !UWitM  2019  regl  earthquakes  College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering 
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Seattle not prepared for major earthquake, says new report | KNKX
A new report from the UW is adding to concerns that Seattle isn't prepared for a major earthquake. Nasser Marafi, a postdoctoral researcher in civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is interviewed.
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