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Dark Fiber Lays Groundwork for Long-Distance Earthquake Detection
Researchers have turned parts of a 13,000-mile-long testbed of “dark fiber” into a highly sensitive seismic activity sensor.
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7 days ago by stevesong
mild detected at 14km from SanFrancisco, UnitedStates. Did you feel it? More details at…
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4 weeks ago by nealrichter
Revisiting WSDOT’s terrifying Alaskan Way Viaduct earthquake simulation - Curbed Seattle
There’s been a lot of nostalgia around the Alaskan Way Viaduct lately. It’s been up for more than 60 years, and most of us either can’t remember or can barely remember a Seattle without it. For those that travel by car, the viaduct has some of the most gorgeous views of Elliott Bay in the public right-of-way.

But between the fraught history of choosing the viaduct’s replacement, years of delays, and nine figures of cost overruns, it’s sometimes easy to forget what got us into our present condition: earthquakes
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5 weeks ago by bwiese
Now Available in L.A.: An Earthquake Early-Warning App - CityLab
ShakeAlertLA aims to give smartphone users a few seconds’ warning of imminent quakes.
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6 weeks ago by NiklasJordan
Felt () M4.6 strikes 59 km NE of () 7 min ago. Please report to:…
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6 weeks ago by dalcrose
RT : ⚠️ has activated our following the 4.8 Richter that has hit the area…
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7 weeks ago by kexrex

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