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Eversource Q1 2019 Earnings Rise on Transmission, Distribution, Gas
Eversource Energy’s earnings jumped nearly 15% to $308.7 million ($0.97/share) in the first quarter, driven by strong gains in its electric transmission, distribution and natural gas delivery businesses.
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6 weeks ago by eversourcenh
ONS | Economic review (April 2019)
Contains analysis of job changers, over-education and hourly pay and contributions to earnings growth in 2018
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6 weeks ago by DavidMassey
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march 2019 by rcsmedia
Can you trust the seasonal earnings release?
"Are earnings releases reliable? The answer should be yes but delays between the release and filing the 10-K put pressure to auditors to overlook errors."
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february 2019 by jonerp
Insights on cloud growth from AWS and Microsoft latest earnings
"AWS and Microsoft recently posted eye-popping results for their cloud businesses. Analysts seem math challenged on what these vendors actually achieved and where they're going. We look at the detail."
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february 2019 by jonerp

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