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woman into bird by arriviste
Elwing the White, her Flight; an image for story, for song, for painting and for stained glass. A woman on the edge of a cliff, a woman suspended in the air, a woman diving into the water like a silver knife.
elwing  earendil  earendil/elwing  elros  elrond  5-10K 
12 weeks ago by elftrash
Last Year's Words Belong To This Year's Language by undercat
Elwing decides to learn her father's language, and later names her sons.
2-5K  elwing  earendil  earendil/elwing 
october 2019 by elftrash
undying by ecphrasis
Elrond Peredhel has finally arrived on the shore of the Undying Lands, but he cannot help but feel that he is a failure, as a lord, as a husband, as a father, as a man. He is content to live the rest of his days in obscurity, but when Maglor arrives, shipwrecked and half-starved on the shores of Valinor, Nerdanel and Maglor's wife beg him to advocate for the last of the Fëanorians, to prevent him from suffering the punishment of the Kinslayers. As he reveals his memories of Maglor, he reconciles with his wife, but will he manage to save Maglor from the vengeance of his kin?
wip  elrond  celebrian  maglor  nerdanel  earendil  celebrian/elrond  glorfindel/ecthelion  gil-gilad  40K 
july 2019 by elftrash
Sacrifice by adlanth
To go into the West, Eärendil and Elwing must lose everything.
earendil  elwing  1-2K 
june 2019 by elftrash
The Sky, the Sea, the Birds Between by herenortherenorfar
"Hail Earendil, brightest of angels
Sent over Middle-earth to men."

Eönwë plays messenger as Elwing and Eärendil begin to adjust to their new lives as a lighthouse keeper and a star respectively.
elwing  eonwe  earendil  15-20K  earendil/elwing  elwing/eonwe  eonwe/earendil 
june 2019 by elftrash
History Obliterates by consumptive_sphinx
There are dozens of versions of what happened, that day in Sirion, and none of them are the same.

(Or: who lives? who dies? and who tells your story?)
elros  elrond  elwing  earendil  maedhros  maglor  sirion  gen  1-2K 
april 2019 by elftrash
New Day, New Age by starspray
It was the most thrilling thing, to sail away and watch the coastline of Middle-earth dwindle and fade into a dark line on the horizon, and then to vanish completely.
elros  earendil  2-5K  gen 
march 2019 by elftrash
all that you can't leave behind by grundy
Eärendil has, against all odds, made it to Aman. But he's more nervous than he expected about being the first Noldo to return to Tirion.
earendil  gen  2-5K 
march 2019 by elftrash
A loss of something ever felt I by arriviste
It was the Silmarils that had sent Fëanor on his mad way to Beleriand like a falling star, pulling all the youth and brightness of my life in a long tail after him; and the very Silmaril Elwing and Ëarendil brought here now had drawn Finrod my son into darkness and death, and torn him to pieces.

"To be fair, that was the wolf,” Finrod said.
finarfin  findis  galadriel  finrod  miriel  celebrian  elwing  earendil  idril  5-10K  gen 
january 2019 by elftrash
all they had to lend by gogollescent
From a few hundred feet up, the swan-ships could be seen to hesitate.
earendil  earendil/elwing  elwing  2-5K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Sirion by ncfan
Following on from The Second Kinslaying and Aftermath.
10-15K  elwing  earendil  earendil/elwing  idril  elros  elrond  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash
High Places by kielle
The fall of Gondolin, from a child's point of view.
earendil  maeglin  idril  gen  gondolin  1-2K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Vignettes of the Blessed Realm by anna_wing
Behind the scenes in Valinor: unfathomable Valar goddesses at work, science, craft, star-ships, and remorse.
20-30K  valar  celebrimbor  maedhros  elwing  ambarussa  earendil  gen 
november 2018 by elftrash
Balar by keiliss
Stories set in Sirion and on Balar, from Galadriel and Celeborn's arrival before the fall of the coastal cities to the end of the War of Wrath, when the surviving elves leave in search of a new home.
galadriel  celeborn/galadriel  gil-gilad  elwing  earendil  idril/tuor  50K  gen 
november 2018 by elftrash
grandfathers by lintamande
“Ah, good!” Turgon said. “Eärendil, come here. I am terribly remiss in encouraging your impractical dreams, if I haven’t even shown you any elephants.”
gen  gondolin  turgon  tuor  idril  earendil  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
a double dream by gogollescent
She came through the night like a stone, hurled across leagues. He only knew that she had wings when she struck the deck.
earendil/elwing  gen  earendil  elwing  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
Wisdom of the Evening Star by starspray
All my fic set in the same 'verse. Arranged more or less in chronological order, but they do not have to be read in order!

My note: follows Beren and Luthien, then Elwing and Earendil, then Elured and Elurin (who live), and onto Elrond - the descendants of Doriath, basically.
100-150K  beren/luthien  luthien  earendil/elwing  elwing  earendil  elured  elurin  gen  doriath  sirion 
november 2018 by elftrash
Fissure by Makalaure
Elrond meets his father in Valinor. He can't tell if it's what he expected or not.
elrond  earendil  gen  2-5K 
september 2018 by elftrash

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