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Amazon Kindle Oasis 2 vs Kindle Paperwhite 4
The second generation Kindle Oasis and fourth generation Paperwhite represent the two latest generation e-readers in Amazon’s product portfolio. The Oasis came out late last year and the Paperwhite only hit the market a couple of weeks ago.
yesterday by zephyr777
e-Readers are becoming popular again in 2018
Good e-Reader has been chronicling the e-reader industry since 2007, the year the original Amazon Kindle was released. It wasn’t until 2010 that we started to track metrics and website visitors using Google Analytics. Our website is the most popular in the world when it comes to daily e-reader news and comprehensive unboxings and reviews, so our metrics read like a playbook for the overall industry. You can see the years in which traffic spiked, primarily because of global interest. You can see from the graph that from 2015 to early 2017 there was not much interest in e-readers but in late 2017 and all of 2018 things are beginning to pick up steam again ... Waterproof/dustproof and big screens are the norm ... Hardware has dramatically improved as well ... There will always be a niche market for a handheld and portable ebook reader that is easy on the eyes and have a singular purpose.
3 days ago by zephyr777
How to write and edit Kindle eBooks Using Word 2016
With Word 2016, you can write and edit eBooks effortlessly to work in different platforms. Complex and time consuming things like creating table of contents can be created automatically using this tool. You only need to know how to use Word 2016, and you are good to go. Talking of ease, producing a design template for your Kindle eBook is quite easy with Word 2016. You can do so with a click of a button and spend more time focusing on your Kindle eBook content rather than formatting layouts.
23 days ago by zephyr777
The Amazon Kindle has a new home screen
Amazon has a new home screen for all Kindles made after 2013. One of the big features is that you can save multiple reading settings, selecting the font, boldness level, and orientation settings you prefer all from the main menu and quickly switch between those settings. This is useful if you share your Kindle with multiple people in the family
28 days ago by zephyr777
Barnes and Noble is throwing in the towel on the Nook e-reader
There have been many stores that have disclosed to Good e-Reader that they have been mandated to disassemble the old display units and throw them away or to put them in storage. Nook is now normally found at the customer service counter at the back of the store and there is no longer going to be signage. Most stores will not even have a display unit either.
9 weeks ago by zephyr777
Exclusive: Here is everything you need to know about Kobo at Walmart in the US
This is the first time ever that Walmart has ever sold audiobooks and ebooks in all of their retail locations in the United States and they are really bullish about it. This is also a great move by Kobo in order to have a valid brick and mortar sales vehicle to sell more devices.
12 weeks ago by zephyr777
The Kindle Voyage is now discontinued
The Amazon Kindle Voyage originally came out in 2014 and used to be Amazon’s most expensive flagship e-reader, but it eventually lost its relevance when the Kindle Oasis was released ... One of the big design changes with the Voyage is the screen is completely flush with the bezel. The new capacitive screen is much easier to interact with and allows for more pinpoint procession. It also had an ambient light sensor to automatically brighten or dim the screen ... There were two capacitive buttons on the sides of the Voyage that were flush with the bezel. Whenever you tapped on the small strip, you were greeted with Haptic Feedback, to let you know you pressed down on it. This allowed users to have an option on how they wanted to turn the pages
august 2018 by zephyr777
Will e-reader companies ever provide an open source software option?
As of right now, Marc has the 5th generation Kindle largely working. Graphics, hardware buttons, and USB networking are working. WiFi needs some more work, and progress is being made on a new ebook reader program so the Kindle can still fulfill its original purpose while running this new GNU/Linux operating system. He hopes to have a stable version of the OS available before the end of the year, as well as an easy to use installer that won’t require any modification to the hardware ... There have been a bunch of alternative operating systems that have been released over the years, and Marcs is just the latest.
july 2018 by zephyr777
Who will be the next company to get into the e-reader business?
Stoytel is expanding into international markets in a big way. The company runs their own unlimited audiobook and ebook subscription service and initially did business in most of the Nordic countries in Europe. They have since expanded westward into most European markets and are making a play in Brazil and then North America. They have developed their first e Ink Reader that will be released in the next month and is directly tied into their subscription service ... This is the first time ever that an e-reader has had this type of functionality and it might prompt Playster and Scribd to develop their own models. Amazon might even develop a really cheap e-reader that is tied into Kindle Unlimited.

Intel recently debuted a dual screen device called the Tiger Rapids. It has an e-ink display on one side and a LCD on the other. This concept tablet and ereader hybrid will not be officially released by Intel, but they developed it as a way to show its device manufacturer partners how to implement technologies like using an an e-paper display as a keyboard or jotting down notes with the active stylus.
july 2018 by zephyr777
This is why Amazon continues to develop tablets
Amazon bills their tablets as multimedia friendly and totally envelops users into their ecosystem. Download apps from the Amazon App Store, buy Kindle ebooks or Audible audiobooks. Shop online and use Prime for access to free content such as Prime Music and Prime Video.
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july 2018 by zephyr777
Everything you need to know about Social DRM for ebooks
This technology employs digital watermarks and makes it easy to sideload the ebooks on all of your devices and if the book appears on a pirate site, it is easily tracked down to the user who initially bought it ... E-book watermarking is sometimes known as “social DRM” or “soft DRM” because it can serve as a deterrent to distribution beyond a user’s close associates; the user may not be comfortable sharing a document with a user identifier in it
june 2018 by zephyr777
Nook e-Readers are not going to work anymore, unless you do this
Barnes and Noble has announced that the vast majority of their e-readers are not going to work after June 29th, 2018. You will not be able to make any purchases, or download and manage your NOOK Content from your NOOK Device unless you download a mandatory security update.
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june 2018 by zephyr777

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