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Was e-mail a mistake?
Digital messaging was supposed to make our work lives easier and more efficient, but the mathematics of distributed systems suggests that meetings might be better.
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11 days ago by terry
Autoresponder - Google Groups
If you use dovecot already e.g. for IMAP, then you can switch local
delivery to dovecot and the vacation filter of dovecot-sieve can take over
the auto-response. As far as I have read the docs the auto-responder of
dovecot/sieve minimizes the negative effects of auto-responders (sending
single mail only, ignoring mailinglists and bulk email, ...).

Setup: http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Postfix
e-mail  configuration 
13 days ago by slmeyer
How To Set Up A Postfix Autoresponder With Autoresponse
One small point: 

you must add each user account to the autoresponse group, e.g. as follows for the system user falko:

usermod -G autoresponse falko 

Using usermod -G without -a will replace the groups. Please also use -a if you want to append groups.

You can edit the auto responders and their subjects in /var/spool/autoresponse/responses .. Makes things a LOT easier knowing this!
e-mail  configuration  select 
13 days ago by slmeyer
I thought I was being ‘blacklisted’ by university colleagues, so I demanded to see their emails
You may have had your suspicions too, and thought you had no way of proving them. But a simple data request can reveal the obstacles placed in your path.
dataprotection  gdpr  universities  e-mail  foi 
27 days ago by terry
exchange - mozilla.support.seamonkey
A really easy way to use Seamonkey with Exchange is simply to use
"Outlook Web Access" OWA. Most organizations have this enabled, and it
means you can also use calendars, contacts, "Out of Office", etc.
e-mail  configuration  sustainability  Desktop 
7 weeks ago by slmeyer

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