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'Brave New World,' Plato's 'Republic,' and Our Scientific Regime
"In its political teaching, the Republic is as much a dystopian poem as is Brave New World. With every step in his radical project of instituting uncompromisingly perfect justice — from the noble lie, to the abolition of the family among the guardians, to the eugenics program that brushes aside the incest taboo with a wave of the hand, to the impossible proposal that the city be ruled by philosophers, to the absurd suggestion that the city be founded by exiling all of an existing city’s residents over ten years of age — Socrates reveals humanity’s inability to overcome the limits that our nature imposes."
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6 days ago by dakrone
The AI apocalypse is already here
We don’t need to wait for the singularity before artificial intelligence becomes capable of turning the world into a dystopian nightmare. AI-branded algorithms are already serving up new portions of fresh hell on a regular basis.
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10 days ago by kogakure
Dyson Is Said to Be Working on an Air Purifier-Headphone Combo - Bloomberg
Dyson is considering developing a wearable air purifier that could double as a pair of headphones, hoping to tap demand from pollution-choked cities in Asia, people with knowledge of the project said.
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21 days ago by adegru
Since people have been asking I thought I'd recap my talk at from Thursday. The examples use…
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24 days ago by futureshape

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