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The Danger of Cosmic Genius - The Atlantic
So why doesn't Freeman Dyson believe in global warming?
4 weeks ago by hypcourt
Or, why a very smart person doesn't believe in global warming.
4 weeks ago by hypcourt
BladeLess Fan - How to Make it - Dyson Fan DIY - YouTube
BladeLess Fan - How to Make it - Dyson Fan DIY
BladeLess  Fan  -  How  to  Make  it  Dyson  DIY 
9 weeks ago by kilroy2
Dyson Unveils The Cyclone V10 Vacuum And Pure Cool Purifying Fan
Glitz and glamour all around – Dyson unveiled in Singapore the revolutionary Cyclone V10 cord-free vacuum and Pure Cool purifying fan in an event at the ArtScience Museum last Friday. Sharing in a unique Dyson DNA with its proprietary motor and turbine system, both products bring cutting-edge technology and all its conveniences into our households....

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Dyson  Unveils  The  Cyclone  V10  Vacuum  And  Pure  Cool  Purifying  Fan 
april 2018 by vrzone
Dyson espere lancé sa premiere voiture electrique en 2020
Dyson aspire à construire sa voiture électrique
L'inventeur anglais, spécialiste de l'électroménager design, emploie 400 ingénieurs à élaborer sa première voiture électrique, qu'il espère vendre en 2020.
client_RENAULT  secteur_TRANSPORT  marché_AUTO  acteur_NOUVEAU  dyson  électrique 
march 2018 by unknowns
Dyson bets on electric cars to shake up industry • FT
Peter Campbell and Michael Pooler:
<p>Through interviews with more than 20 people, the FT has gleaned details about the project’s scope and current status, including learning that Dyson is considering excluding its world-leading “solid state” battery technology from its debut model.

Dyson declined to confirm many of the details in this report.

The company is initially planning a range of three vehicles, according to two people.

The first car will be used to establish a route to market, a supply chain and a potential customer base. Because of this, the vehicle will have a relatively low production run — in the single-digit thousands, three people said.

The second and third vehicles, released later, will aim to be substantially higher volume.

“Even with a low-volume vehicle, they can make a business case and they will learn a tremendous amount about how to build a vehicle,” says Philippe Houchois, an automotive analyst at Jefferies investment bank. 

Dyson has worked extensively on lightweight materials, leading several people to speculate the first vehicle may be substantially comprised of plastics rather than metals, something usually reserved for high-end supercars.</p>
dyson  car  electric 
february 2018 by charlesarthur

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