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Dyson se donne les moyens de plancher sur son futur véhicule électrique
Le britannique Dyson travaille au développement d'une voiture éléctrique avec un investissement de 200M£ prévu.
L'entreprise compte notamment capitaliser sur son expérience de batteries électriques pour se démarquer.
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Inside James Dyson's all-or-nothing quest for an electric car | British GQ
In a patent filed by Dyson Technology Limited some months before, UK patent application No2548361, one titled “Method Of Fabricating An Energy Storage Device”, after pages of technical information, states the following: “The invention provides a simple, fast and low-cost way of producing a solid-state cell.”

Musk had speculated that a battery breakthrough wasn’t about to happen “any time soon”. The patent, however, suggests it’s much sooner than he thinks.

So, I ask Dyson, is it ready?
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The Danger of Cosmic Genius - The Atlantic
So why doesn't Freeman Dyson believe in global warming?
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Or, why a very smart person doesn't believe in global warming.
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BladeLess Fan - How to Make it - Dyson Fan DIY - YouTube
BladeLess Fan - How to Make it - Dyson Fan DIY
BladeLess  Fan  -  How  to  Make  it  Dyson  DIY 
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