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Move an entire model and its views
I took this challenge to code the bits and pieces to be able to move an entire model including moving elevations, sections, detailing, and 3D views, etc., also including adjustments for grids, crop boxes, views location on sheets. All in all, everything inside the project should be transformed by a given vector.
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8 weeks ago by menosesmas
Coordenadas UTM con Dynamo en Revit
Sacar una tabla de planificación con las coordenadas de una serie de puntos no es una acción directa, ya que el programa nos proporciona la opción de etiquetar los puntos, pero no de representar los datos tabulados.
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12 weeks ago by menosesmas
Steel Connections for Dynamo
The Cornerstone of Steel Modelling - Revit Official Blog
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12 weeks ago by menosesmas
Portal Frame Geometry in Dynamo
How to create a fully parametrized portal frame geometry in the Dynamo environment.
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may 2019 by menosesmas
DynaMaps | Dynamo BIM
When starting a new project, the first thing to look for is usually a fair representation of the project’s environment. There are many ways to do so already but they all require using external sources and export/import of information before you have them in your authoring tool
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may 2019 by menosesmas
Share building data from design through build at Flux.io
Servicio basado en la web que permite intercambiar datos entre las aplicaciones de diseño más populares como Grasshopper o Dynamo con Excel mediante plugins.
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june 2017 by menosesmas
Dynamo BIM
Dynamo extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor.
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march 2015 by menosesmas

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