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Got all purple sparkle brocade for Boston march. It was a great time. Block some traffic. Stonewall was a rio…
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Ca Mau’s Planning, Financing and Administration for Climate Change Adaptation
{Viet Nam was identified by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as one of the countries
to be most affected by climate change. In particular the deltas of Mekong and the Red River are at
risk. In the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau, the rapid and vast expansion of shrimp ponds has led to
the deterioration of coastal forests and to a substantial reduction in biodiversity. The effects of climate
change are increasingly visible and have lowered the resilience of the coastal ecosystems and reduced
their capacity for adaptation.
In response to these challenges Ca Mau has partly started to prioritize adaptation to climate change
and costal protection in strategic documents. Within these documents, the pivotal importance of dyke
systems as a means of coastal protection and climate change adaption is emphasized:
In Ca Mau’s Socio-Economic Master Plan for 2020 (SEDP 2020), there are no references to climate
change/ or climate change adaptation as such. Several references, however, describe the necessity
of consolidating or constructing dyke protection systems, such as the upgrade of dyke lines of the
West Sea, or the construction of a sea dyke line for the East Sea (pp. 154, 174, 184).
An assessment of the last five-year socio-economic development plan (SEDP 2006-10), in
combination with the current five-year socio-economic development plan (SEDP 2011-15) point
out the negative correlation between the region’s development and unchecked climate change. In
latter parts of the document, the significance of a proper, cohesive response to climate change (in
particular, sea-level rise) is being stressed (p. 54).
The SEDPs are concretized by the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan that contains more
evidence for the relevance of dyke protection systems: the plan highlights the significance of
adaption to climate change and more specifically dyke protection systems when listing “Priority
Projects in response to Climate Changes and Rising Sea Level of Ca Mau Province” in Chapter 5.
Amongst those measures is the consolidation of a number of dykes (p.303).}
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Wednesday's Scottish gossip | Bbc Sport Football
Wednesday's Scottish gossip | Bbc Sport Football Wednesday's Scottish gossip | Bbc Sport Football http://t.co/iZYJANqQ9x from gima2327, April 02, 2015 at 12:48AM http://twitter.com/gima2327/status/583400508032811009 http://t.co/iZYJANqQ9x, gima2327, Twitter April 02, 2015 at 12:52AM
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