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Takes a Yamaha DX7 sysex file and formats it as human readable text.
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march 2018 by neurogami
from Jon Williams' Twitter

"For my use, I collected some 16384 (2^14) DX7 Sysex bank presets from the internet and converted it to some integer sequences to read it from Supercollider."
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december 2017 by cosmic
Yamaha TX802 - opinions? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
In hardware, I suggest DX200 or FS1R

I've owned just about every Yahama FM synth made since 1983, and I absolutely love them all for different reasons. In my experience:

DX7/TX7 = noisy, but warmer and pleasingly rougher-sounding than those that came after

DX7 MK2 = a lot less noisy, more piercing and able to manipulate tones in real time. Can also do unison or stack two tones (but polyphony is cut in half to 8 notes)

TX802 = 8 DX7 MK2 synthesizers, each with 2 notes of polyphony. Each synth has a little bit of noise, so when you stack all 8 synths together to get 16 notes of polyphony, you wind up with more noise than a DX7 MK2 but less than a MK1. Sounds huge, though, and has some novel tricks up its sleeve.

SY77/99 = a different kettle of fish. Beautiful sounds but the FM engine is different and can't accurately sound like the earlier models. In a mix no one could tell. This one's for sound designers; it is the modular of FM synths.

DX200 = It's a non-noisy DX7s with a filter, effects, and a sequencer for recording knob tweaks. Programming it and sending DX7 patches to it requires abandonware that's available in a Yahoo group. Editor is PC-friendly but runs on a Mac with virtual machine such as Parallels or the free VM VirtualBox

FS1R = The most expensive synth of the bunch. Loads old DX7 patches but is more complex. Not as complex as the SY77/99 but damn close. No experience with this one.

Reface DX = Only 4 operators but does things that no other Yamaha FM has ever done. Not as warm as even a DX7 MK2, but when used with a sequencer or knob box, it can do some crazy gymnastics. Don't have this one yet.

So that's my experience. Others may disagree.

I have to ask: Why are you looking even though you have a DX7? One thing some people overlook: You have to use modulation effects to bring out all the shimmering features of an FM synth. I'm sure you've used modulated delays, chorus/flange, reverbs to add depth and texture. What's missing for you?
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october 2016 by initself

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