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UK housing crisis deepens as benefit claimants priced out by high rents | Society | The Guardian
LHA is relied upon by 1.2m households to rent private accommodation but it has been frozen since 2016 and will continue to be frozen until at least 2020 as part of welfare cuts.

Council bosses have said that with private rents continuing to rise, sharp falls in affordability over the last three years are causing homelessness and child neglect as families cut back on essentials including food to make up rent shortfalls.
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THE CENTRE FOR HEALTH AND DISABILITY ASSESSMENTS LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)
Private Eye reported:
"The accounts show that in 2018 the DWP paid Maximus £158m. Turnover, which comes entirely from the DWP, fell slightly from 2017 (£161m) but profits actually rose from £26m to £26.7m. More strikingly [parent company] Maximus has started extracting the profit: in 2018 it took £18.1m out of the company in dividends - up from £12m in 2017, the first year it paid itself a dividend."
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One Family’s Fight Against A Broken Special Needs System Shows The Hard Reality Of Theresa May’s Broken Promises
While the Conservative government unravels, a funding crisis is depriving children with disabilities of essential services and pushing them out of mainstream schools.
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She kills people. She should be the subject of criminal investigations.
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(865) Universal credit's housing sanctions - you'll wish you didn't know - don't have nightmares ! - YouTube
minimum wage = cant afford rent
ask for housing benefit through universal credit
will be asked to work more hours and get higher pay, to get out of universal credit
if you do not, get sanctioned, thus you work, can't get find better work or more hours (35hrs +), can't pay rent ...
... so much for burning injustice
Universal  Credit  DWP  sanctions  welfare  state  UK  working  poor  poverty  trap  housing  benefit  support  minimum  wage  nasty  party  Austerity  neoliberalism  CON-servatives  Conservative  Theresa  May  tax  child  taxcredit  homeless  Homelessness  Council 
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