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In the Dwelling House: 16 Design Ideas to Steal from the Shakers | shaker | Shaker furniture, Home decor bedroom, Bedroom decor
From Pinterest: "In the Dwelling House: 16 Design Ideas to Steal from the Shakers" Closet with Peg Rails at Canterbury Shaker Village, Photo by Erin Little
ifttt  pinterest  "In  the  Dwelling  House:  16  Design  Ideas  to  Steal  from  Shakers"  Closet  with  Peg  Rails  at  Canterbury  Shaker  Village  Photo  by  Erin  Little 
9 weeks ago by errehache
Why You Need To Commence Your Dwelling Centered Business Right Now | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The residence based mostly business gives you a possibility to be your own boss and you're aspect of the corporation that satisfies you to the core. Setting up a residence based mostly business is not some thing which happens overnight. It is not normally apparent how to start out starting up a residence based mostly […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Business  Centered  Commence  Dwelling 
august 2017 by wotek
Geographies of Hanging Out: Playing, Dwelling and Thinking with the City - Springer
"In this paper, I approach thinking as something that takes place in playful encounters with the city: it is then always connected to doing. New reflection emerges in everyday action with everything that comes together in a given event. This understanding is based on a posthuman acknowledgement of the capacity of the material world to produce effects in human bodies: urban spaces take part in the event of hanging out, that is, they can make things happen. I focus my discussion on the possibilities for experimentation that hanging out in the city opens up. Because hanging out is wonderfully aimless, time and space is cleared for dwelling with the city, and then re-cognizing the world. To deliver my argument, I illustrate vignettes from a study on young people’s hanging out in San Francisco. By presenting the concept of hanging-out-knowing, I draw attention to the importance of young people having the time and space to be with their peers without strict plans and schedules."

[See also: https://sandpost.net/2016/10/24/out-now/ ]
sanfrancisco  cities  urban  urbanism  play  dwelling  thinking  posthumanism  2016  noorapyyry  time  space  temporality  hangingout  enchantment  learning  urbanspace  youth  rights  geography  sfsh 
march 2017 by robertogreco
RT : This secluded Herefordshire woodland site will soon be home to a unique home we designed
architecture  dwelling  from twitter
april 2016 by mgprojekt
RT : A further handful of shots from our woodland currently under construction in
architecture  dwelling  Herefordshire  from twitter_favs
april 2016 by mgprojekt
You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation - The Daily Beast
The debate over what we call cultural appropriation has roots in the justifiable resentment of white pop musicians imitating black genres for monetary gain. Presley was the classic example. However, this legitimate objection was about bucks: Presley and artists like him were reaping financial rewards that the originators of their music never saw.
america  culture  music  language  race  black-american  dwelling 
july 2014 by linguafranca
Leon Wieseltier Responds to Steven Pinker's on Scientism | New Republic
Tradition is what the present calls those regions of the past that it retains, that it cherishes and needs. Contrary to the progressivist caricature, tradition is not the domination of the present by the past. It is the domination of the past by the present—the choice that we make to preserve and to love old things because we have discovered in them resources for contemporary sustenance and up-to-the-minute illumination.
humanities  philosophy  science  atheism  religion  art  art.history  history  history.of.science  vitriolic.fuck.yous  academia  education  literature  theory  sociology  psychology  liberalism  modernism  postmodernism  post-postmodernism  writing  language  dwelling  america  contemporaneity  culture  digital.humanities  intellectual.history 
may 2014 by linguafranca

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